The Actuarial Society supports actuaries and promotes the interest of the profession in the various practice areas in which its members operate. In order to accomplish this, different committees, task forces and forums are in place. The Committee Handbook describes the Society Committee structure, provides guidance on how Committees should be run and also outlines what Council expects from Committees.


The various Practice Area Committees are responsible for the technical and research work related to the main practice areas.

Council Standing Committees

These Council Standing Committees support the Practice Areas Committees in areas that impacts the whole actuarial landscape.


This committee was established due to the need for actuarial assistance and involvement in Systems and Technology areas. This committee aims to bridge the gap between IT and actuarial.

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Activities of the Committee / Mandate of the Committee


The International Committee: Africa (formerly the Africa Committee) was established given the growing number of ASSA members who were working in countries on the African continent outside of South Africa. The committee is a sub-committee of the Stakeholder Board.

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ASSA Covid-19 Task Team

The Task Team was established to create a forum for ASSA members to learn, model, educate, inform, research, debate and influence COVID-19 developments in a positive and constructive way that supports and enhances our profession’s commitment to societal and public interest.

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Council Task Forces

ASSA can establish Task Forces to complete a specific task or set of tasks that are important to the Actuarial Society.

There are currently no active council task forces.