Work Based Learning (WBL)

What is WBL?

Work-based learning (“WBL”) is the basis of the Normative Skills programme, and learning at work will be integrated with Normative Skills workshops.

WBL aims to close the Gap between theory and practice when it comes to Normative Skills to form a well-rounded Actuarial Professional.

The WBL process is an excellent introduction into the CPD process that you will embark on after qualifying.

Who should do WBL?

All students that embark on the Normative Skills – Core APP Programme should register for WBL as well. Please refer to the WBL Guidelines WBL Guidelines for more information.

WBL Process and Form

  1. Register online via your ASSA member profile for the code F330 – Fellowship Work Based Learning.
  2. Download the WBL skills form and do an initial self-assessment on your capabilities of the skills in the template.
  3. Add any additional skills that may be applicable to your work environment that are not listed.
  4. Develop your plan – Discuss a 3-6 month plan with your supervisor on how you will obtain or become more competent in these skills (only select a few skills for each time period).
  5. Undertake the tasks in your plan and look for skills development opportunities over the 3-6 month period to follow. You can also answer some Review Questions Review Questions that can be discussed with your line manager / Supervisor.
  6. Discuss your progress with your Supervisor and obtain his input. Update your form with your progress and your supervisor’s comments.
  7. Submit your updated form before all Normative Skills workshops!!
  8. Repeat steps 2-6 for the next 3-6 month time period until you finish up with your final Normative Skills workshop and submit your final WBL Form with your Supervisor’s sign-off sheet (contained in the WBL Form) at the end of the 2-3 year cycle.

Who can be a Supervisor?

  • A supervisor is a Fellow of ASSA that works in the same company or industry as you.
  • If your supervisor is not your line manager there must be effective communication between them.
  • If you are working in a non-traditional field and no Fellows are available to select as a Supervisor, please contact ASSA Education to assist you in finding a Supervisor.

Still doing the old Work Based Skills (WBS)?

The few students who embarked on the “old” work Based Skills programme – before 2015 – can continue on this path until they qualify.