Exemption applications are required for subjects written with accredited universities. To apply for exemption, you must be a registered member of the Actuarial Society of South Africa. No exemption applications can be processed until a membership number has been issued.

First time applicants must complete all the relevant sections of the Exemption Application Form . Please submit your exemption application with your declaration attached to ASSA Member Services:

Email : memberservices@actuarialsociety.org.za
Administration Office
Actuarial Society of South Africa
Cape Town, 8000, RSA
Tel : +27 21 509 5242
Fax : +27 21 509 0160

Exemption Application Process

Important Information

The Actuarial Profession strongly advises you to:

  • Apply for your exemptions as soon as possible after completing and passing one or more of the recognized qualifications.
  • Contact the Actuarial Society immediately if you are concerned that our records do not hold details of exemptions you may be entitled to.
  • If you do not formally apply for exemptions you believe you are eligible for, or if you are eligible for an exemption but do not pay the relevant fee, your exemptions record will be incomplete, and as a result you will not appear on the final qualification pass lists.
  • There is not a specified period within which you should apply for an exemption, however some of your exemptions may no longer be valid if there is a material change to the subject structure of the curriculum so that the relevant subject does not map to an equivalent subject in the new system. Any applications should also be based on a recommendation by the accredited institutions and we cannot accept any applications if the institutions do not have record or can’t validate the applications. We therefore strongly advise you to apply for your exemptions as soon as possible after becoming a member or after completing an actuarial qualification at an accredited university.

Exemption applications with reference to subjects passed through the UK IFoA before April 2010 will have no cost attached.

Tables of South African subjects codes and UK equivalents

RSA Subject Codes UK Subject Codes
A101: Probability and Statistics CT3: Probability and Mathematical Statistics
A102: Economics CT7: Economics
A103: Accounting CT2: Finance and Financial Reporting
A201: Financial Mathematics CT1: Financial Mathematics
A202: Models CT4: Models
A203: Contingencies CT5: Contingencies
A204: Statistical Methods CT6: Statistical Methods
A205: Financial Economics CT8: Financial Economics
F106: Enterprise Risk Management ST9: Enterprise Risk Management