Exams Registrations

What to check before you register for an exam?

  • Are there any prerequisites and what are they?
  • Am I eligible to write the exam?
  • Will I write the exam virtually or at a venue?

How to register for an exam?

  • Register online according to registration dates provided.
  • A penalty fee will be charged for late registrations (after online registration closes)
  • International Banking subject candidates must register as ASSA non-members first: International Banking Guide
  • Register online via your member profile: Online Registration Link
  • Please refer to the following link for more information pertaining to exam dates, venues and registration deadlines:  Exam Dates & Exam Venues

Exam fees and credit notes:

Further information regarding fees, dates and procedures can be found in the Student Handbook

Steps in the Exam registration Process:

    1. Go to the Member Log-in page: Login with your ASSA member profile details.
    2. Select the exam / course codes you plan on attempting.
    3. You will receive an email after a few minutes with the details of the subjects for which you have entered. There will be a separate email for every subject for which you entered.
    4. You also have the option to download and print a pdf copy of your Proof of Registration with information pertaining to your registration at any time after you have registered BUT before Permits are issued.

Exam de-registration:

    1. To de-register your exam within the registration period click on the de-register link in the Member Site (left hand column on the member section).
      Please note that until you receive confirmation from the ASSA Office that you are successfully de-registered, you are still liable for payment of the examination fees. Please refer to the Credit Note Policy for more information.


  • The onus lies on the student to register within the examination registration period.
  • Invoices will be issued by the Finance Office of the Society on a weekly basis (Mondays).
  • Bulk company payments: Please submit the invoice that you will receive to your company student coordinator for them to do a bulk payment to the Society.