Normative Skills Overview

Normative Skills was introduced to assist the development of a well-rounded Actuary. The program is delivered over 2-4 years for TASSA, Associate or Fellowship levels. The Normative Skills workshops and modules will provide students with learning opportunities that can be further enhanced during the work based learning journey.

Normative capabilities are defined as those capabilities required by a profession to deliver on its professional promise.
Students need to pass Normative Skills to qualify as an Associate / Fellow from ASSA.

Normative Skills Workshop Dates

Work Based Learning (WBL) forms the main platform for the development of normative skills

Work Based Learning (WBL) has the objective to narrow the gap between the theory  that you will be exposed to in the Normative Skills programmes and practice (the work environment) and provide the student with an opportunity to learn and develop skills in a realistic day-to-day working environment.

Research suggests that the context in which skills are developed influence how effective they are in the workplace.

Get more information in WBL here.

Normative Skills Program Overview

Download the admission criteria for each NS module HERE


Foundation APP forms the start of the normative journey. (Implementation in 2018)


Foundation APP consists of 3 Modules that can be completed over a 1-year period.

Most of the material will be delivered in an online eLearning format as well as webinars and submitted assignments. Each module will have pre-work as well as an Assessment to close out the module.


Download a copy of the syllabus here

Admission Criteria:

All Student members who did not attend an ASSA-accredited programme at an ASSA-accredited university.


Core APP introduces the key normative concepts and requirements for a student that has entered the work environment. The skills introduced in the Core APP should be put into practice by the student as part of the Work Based Learning component of Normative Skills.


Core APP consists our of 4 Workshops that can be completed over a 2 year period.

Workshops may have pre-work and assignments that are due before the workshop.  Most workshops also conclude with an exam or formal assessment component.  Workshops must be attended in either Cpt or Jhb.  Active participation in the workshops is a criteria for obtaining credit for attendance to the workshop.


Download a copy for the syllabus here

Admission Criteria:

Successful completion of:

  • N111 – Foundation APP
  • N311.01 – NS Core APP WBL
  • All courses and exams: N211 / N311.02 – N311.07
  • All academic requirements towards the AMASSA designation

Read the full admissions criteria for each module to see if you need to register for Core APP.


Fellowship APP is the final normative skills workshop for students pursuing the FASSA designation . The focus on the Fellowship APP is around professionalism and ethics as well as integrating all of the normative skills gained to date.

(Note: Attendance of the Fellowship APP workshop does NOT conclude the Normative Skills programme – the 36 month WBL period will need to be concluded and signed off successfully before a student will receive the full credit for Normative Skills)


A 2 day compulsory stay-over workshop.  Students will also receive pre-work before the workshop is attended.


Download a copy for the syllabus here

Admission Criteria:

Successful Completion of:

  • N311 – NS Core APP
  • N411.01 – NS WBL for Fellows
  • N411.02 – Professionalism for Fellows
  • All academic requirements towards the FASSA designation

NB! Transition arrangement are in place for students who joined ASSA PRIOR to 31 March 2015 and was exempted from the Normative Skills program.

Communication on Transition arrangements:

For the Transition students only:  Please have a lookout for communications from ASSA regarding any transition arrangements and deadlines. Visit the NS Transitional page for more information.

Assa needs to transition all non-Normative Skills students to the Normative Skills program by 30 Dec 2020.

Transition Impact:

The communications from ASSA will set out the various transition arrangements and exemptions for each group of students that may be impacted.

A key impact is envisaged for WBS students who will need to transfer to WBL at the end of 2020 if their WBS program is not finalised and approved.