Fellowship Professional and Application Subjects – F200


These subjects focus on the in-depth applications in a specific area with a focus on South African practice, as well as international best practice. The General Practise Module (F210) is incorporated in the Normative Skills programme from 2015, but still available to transitional students. The Applications Paper focuses on higher-order thinking skills and actuarial judgment, while the Practice Module is a multiple-choice paper testing knowledge of South African practice.

There is a Research Option where a Masters level research paper can be written instead of the Applications Paper. The Practice Module will still have to be completed if this option is exercised. Please refer to the Student Handbook (section 4) for details on the Research Option.


Recommendation for attempting a F2 subject

We recommend all students to make a reasonable attempt at an F1 series subject before attempting the associated Fellowship Applications (Part F2 series) subject. The F1 series subjects contains important and necessary technical knowledge that is assumed learning before attempting an F2 subject.

F2 subjects are set at a level that assumes three years of appropriate work experience. It will, therefore be advantageous to attempt an F2 subject in a field where you have experience.


Students will have to do one of the six options for the Applications Paper (F201 to F206 below).

Fellowship Applications

SA Codes

  • F200 : Research Options
  • F201 : Health and Care Applications
  • F203 : Life Insurance Applications
  • F204 : Retirement and Related Benefits Applications
  • F205 : Investment Applications
  • F206 : Banking Applications

UK Codes

  • SA0 : Research Options
  • SA1 : Health and Care Specialist Applications
  • SA2 : Life Insurance Specialist Applications
  • SA3 : General Insurance Specialist Applications
  • SA5 : Pensions and Other Benefits Specialist Applications

Normative Skills

SA Codes

  • A400 : Core Actuarial Professional Practice

UK Codes

  • N/A

Fellowship Professionalism Skills

SA Codes

  • A401 : Business Awareness Module
  • A402 : Model Documentation, Analysis and Reporting
  • A403 : Associateship Work Based Skills
  • A404 : Associateship Professionalism Course

SA Codes

  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Professionalism Skills Course (PSC)