Fellowship Core Subjects – F100


These subjects extend the techniques and applications learned in the Associate subjects to a more in-depth level by focusing on specific practice areas.

There are two options for students to complete this part:

  • Students do these courses at accredited Universities as part of a post-graduate course and, on attaining a sufficient standard in the examination, they will be recommended for exemption from the equivalent professional subject; or
  • Students pass the Actuarial Society examination in the subject. These examinations are the same as the university papers, and the pass standard is the same as the exemption standard for the equivalent university course.

For F106, Actuarial Society members write the equivalent Institute and Faculty examination (ST9) as members of the Society, without having to join the UK organisation.


Prerequisites for attempting the F1 subjects

Knowledge and understanding of Actuarial Risk Management (A301) are fundamental for the successful completion of the F1 series subject.
The pre-requisite is at least an FA for A301, or a University pass for the equivalent subject, before a student can attempt an F1 subject.


Students are required to pass two of the following six subjects:

Fellowship Principles

SA Codes

  • F101 : Health and Care Principles
  • F102 : Life insurance Principles
  • F103 : General insurance Principles
  • F104: Retirements and Related Benefits Principles
  • F105: Finance and Investments Principles
  • F106: Enterprise Risk Management

UK Codes

  • ST1 : Health and Care Specialist Technical
  • ST2 : Life insurance Specialist Technical
  • ST3 : General insurance Specialist Technical
  • ST4 : Pensions and Other Benefits Specialist Technical
  • ST5 : Finance and Investments Specialist A
  • ST9 : Enterprise Risk Management