Employer Relations

Employers of our members play a vital role in their development and that of the Society. Employer relations are governed by the Employer Relationships Memorandum and support ASSA in managing, maintaining and monitoring professional conduct.

Consultant’s List

Registered Service Providers (RSP)

The Actuarial Society requires actuarial employers to register as Registered Service Providers (RSP) where statutory actuarial services are provided. The registration application forms a distinct agreement between the employer and the Actuarial Society.

Actuarial Training Offices (ATO)

If an employer wishes to offer the recognised Work Based Learning program (WBL) – a mandatory component of the qualification process – to its actuarial student employees, it will have to register as an Actuarial Training Office with the Actuarial Society.

Professional Resources Contacts:

Name Niel Fourie
Email nfourie@actuarialsociety.org.za
References Professional conduct
Name Chantal Petersen
Email cpdqueries@actuarialsociety.org.za
References CPD Enquiries