Louis Rossouw

PresentationAudio Recording

18 October | 11:45 – 12:45 | Committee 4

Relevant practice area(s):Wider Fields, Enterprise and Financial Risk Management (ERM)

Suggested audience knowledge level: Intermediate



Many projects, start-up companies and collaborations based on blockchain technology are being explored. These include inter-bank ledgers, health data blockchains and reinsurance initiatives. IT companies are offering virtual environments to run and experiment with blockchain as a service as well as offering distributed ledger services. Blockchain technology seems to be at the top of the hype cycle.

This presentation will briefly re-express the core elements of the technology that differentiates it and then use this understanding to cut through much of the hype surrounding blockchain technology.

It will showcase some of these projects and show how these projects are truly embracing all aspects of the technology while others, though still innovative, are using little or only elements of the concepts behind blockchain technology.