By becoming a sponsor of the E-Learning School Support Programme, you will be providing learners and teachers in the greatest of need with access to essential e-learning resources. This will allow for safe distance learning during the unprecedented challenges that the country is currently facing.

What the School gets

  • Access to all Paper Video resources for all learners and teachers.
  • School dashboard to manage user sign-up and engagement.
  • Onboarding support from Paper Video, including virtual ‘Get Started’ presentation
    and on-going technical support.
  • Quarterly check-ups to address questions/ issues, with immediate check-ups if engagement drops off.

What the Sponsor gets

  • Access to the school dashboard to monitor engagement
  • Quarterly engagement report.
  • Flexible sponsorship: structure and scale your sponsorship according to your budget and objectives.
  • Accountability via the Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA) who run ASET
  • Public acknowledgement on the Paper Video website and social media accounts.


Find out more about which school you would like to sponsor. You can download or view the
profile of the school by clicking on one of the tabs below.

I want to become a sponsor