Mind the gap

At Elevate, we believe that when it comes to creating insurance solutions, technology is a means to an end − rather than the end. We feel that it’s vital to marry digital intelligence and human connection in order to enhance engagement.

A well written article showing the marriage between AI and the human touch and why it should not be forgotten. 3min read.

The Impact of Gender Neutral Pricing on the Life Insurance Industry

With gender-neutral pricing being one of the most controversial issues facing life insurers in the past decade, it might be a good idea to remind yourself why this topic is so important. This is a dissertation by Cho Yeung Chan which was submitted as part of the requirements for the award of the MSc Actuarial Management, Cass Business School, City University London in 2014.  It is well researched and laid out and is an example of good academic writing. It is 56 pages long including references.

Proposed amendment bill aims to end funeral cover over-insurance

A proposed amendment Bill aims to address legislative gaps pertaining to funeral policies, but will it really solve the problems associated with over-insurance?

Last week, United Democratic Movement MP Nqabayomzi Kwankwa announced in the Government Gazette that he intends to bring to Parliament the Long-term Insurance Amendment Bill, 2024. It aims to make changes to the Long-term Insurance Act.

This article covers various aspects of funeral cover that should be considered and demonstrates how tricky it is to monitor over insurance across insurers. Please read this article. Do you think that consumers should be allowed to have multiple funeral cover policies? Substantiate your answer with detail from the article. 10min read.

To die so that another can live – why insurers need to rethink the red tape 

In South Africa, where financial inequality prevails and the vast majority have more needs than money, there are four ways for those living on the breadline to access a decent chunk of funds. They can save (difficult, when there’s always more month left at the end of your income), they can gamble (risky), they can borrow (which comes with its own set of barriers and pitfalls), or they can use the pay-out from an insurance policy.

What do you think about this thought provoking article? 2.5min read.