NFT-based marketplace Momint targets artists, athletes

Over R150 000 was raised on Momint for the Bryan Habana Foundation when Momint was launched in May 2021. 3min read.

Orbis’ Cutler: Telling EMs to not use fossil fuels is ‘crazy’

Multi-asset investor Alec Cutler believes the West’s vilification of developing economies for using fossil fuels is hypocritical and goes as far as saying the stance is ‘racist’.

A well-argued strategy for a “responsible” approach and an accusation not unwelcome. 10 min interview or a two min read.

Ninety One CEO: Outflows are going to developed market fixed income

The AUM decline of £4.5bn (R103bn) that Ninety One reported between the end of March 2023 and the end of June 2023 were partly a result of money flowing into development market fixed-income products.

This short article hits the nail on the head. The JSE is shrinking and we need to do more to create more companies in SA for a turn around. Where does that leave the investor in the interim? 2.5min read.

‘Cheaper than Covid’: Capitulation and opportunity in SA Inc

Sanlam Investments portfolio manager Vanessa van Vuuren is looking through the cycle.

‘It seems everyone is talking about being stuck in the Eskom loadshedding rut and this low-growth environment. And it’s very easy to get caught up in that extremely negative narrative.’

3min read.

Livestock Wealth adds farmland to investment options

Crowd farming platform Livestock Wealth has expanded its investment offerings, to introduce Farmland Investment on its app, allowing investors to own a portion of land on a farm.

“Livestock Wealth searches and finds the best available farms to purchase directly from farmers or on auction,” Ntuthuko Shezi, CEO and founder of Livestock Wealth, tells ITWeb.

Positive article. 3min read.