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A New Chapter of Capitalism Emerges From the Banking Crisis

The idea that finance is an arm of the state is back — and global banking is likely to be reshaped by it.

This is a very good read from Bloomberg written by well-known financial authors John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge. If you do not have access to a subscription, you may find the articles below of interest.  

Who’s right on banks, Warren Buffett or Terry Smith?

LONDON: Terry Smith doesn’t like banks. His recent opinion piece in the Financial Times explained why. You can read it here on his own website without a paywall.

On occasion, the Fundsmith chief has been referred to as Britain’s Warren Buffett – except the real Buffett really likes banks.

For banking and investment specialists and those in quantitative finance, this is a good debate. Read them both. The blog and article, 10min read. 

Central banks will prioritise inflation over growth

You must read this macroeconomic view of the past decade by Azad Zangana, Senior European Economist and Strategist at Schroders. Also posted under International and local economic news. 10min read.

Coronation, Allan Gray, and PSG SA equity funds compared

An analysis by Daily Investor shows that Coronation’s South African Equity Fund outperformed Allan Gray and PSG over the last five years. However, none of them beat the Satrix Top 40.

Understand the principle of investing in only JSE-listed companies and the different results that can be achieved. 3.5min read.

Absa, Standard Bank, and Sasfin implicated in Gold Mafia fraud and money laundering

An Al Jazeera investigation revealed that key officials at Absa, Standard Bank, and Sasfin Bank helped criminals launder millions of dollars of dirty cash in exchange for regular bribes.

The revelation is part of Gold Mafia, a four-part investigation by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit, which shows how gangs smuggle gold from Zimbabwe to launder vast amounts of money.

The article reports that the financial institutions involved are keen to unearth the truth as they have a zero tolerance for fraud and corruption. Are we going to see a change in the tide of accountability? Let the FSI lead the way. 3min read.