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Short-term uncertainty versus long-term certainty

‍ “If I asked you what’s the risk in investing, you would answer the risk of losing money. But there actually are two risks in investing: One is to lose money and the other is to miss an opportunity. You can eliminate either one, but you can’t eliminate both at the same time.” – Howard Marks

Do you think this is a good article?  Did they quote their data sources? 4min read. 

Half of US investors now concerned by anti-ESG backlash, survey finds

Robeco report shows legal and political pressure causing headaches, while energy crisis in Europe also weighs on the minds of environmentally conscious investors.

The anti-ESG political backlash in the US and Europe’s energy crisis are creating new headwinds for climate-focused investors, research has found.

Robeco’s 2023 Global Climate Survey reported 47% of North American investors are now concerned about anti-ESG political pressure or legal action, which has gained momentum in the US over the last year.

Great article bringing together the trends. 3min read.

Have the last three years in markets been as unusual as we think?

Research-led and systematic, Dimensional Fund Advisors explain why history shows investors should perhaps not fear the current volatility as much as they do.

This is a reassuring read. Don’t panic – look at the data across the long term. You may want to look up what annualised returns are, but before you do, take a guess at what it means. 3.5min read.

3 stocks in the era of ChatGPT

AI chatbots look like they have the potential to impact all sorts of industries. Here are three players in the space that may be worth a look.

This article is from early February 2023 and even in two months, sentiments may have changed, as do policies. Read this in conjunction with the article below. 3.5min read.