Government open to more talks and ‘collaboration’ on NHI

After taking many by surprise with the signing of the NHI Bill last week, President Cyril Ramaphosa and government Ministers adopted a more placatory tone, emphasising that they were still open to talks with stakeholders and that the implementation process would allow for changes, notes MedicalBrief.

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Let’s be pragmatic to make NHI work for us

The NHI is a wide ranging reform with both positive and controversial aspects, and the key will be to find a middle ground to continue on the journey to universal health coverage, writes Professor Susan Cleary in Spotlight.

Looking at things differently now that we know it is coming. 5min read.

NHI criticism unfounded, says outgoing Health Committee chair

Fairness is at the heart of the NHI Bill, and most criticism is unfounded, says Dr Kenneth Jacobs, outgoing chairperson of the National Assembly’s Portfolio Committee on Health who played a pivotal role in deliberations on the NHI.

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Why the Constitutional Court may not be best route for NHI challenge

The Constitution does not and should not prevent the democratically elected government from passing laws merely because an economically powerful minority opposes it, writes Pierre de Vos in his Constitutionally Speaking blog, arguing that proposed court action against the NHI Bill may present more hurdles than expected.

More food for thought on the implementation of the NHI. 5min read

CMS loses court appeal: What’s next for low-cost benefit options?

The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) has dismissed with costs a Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) application to reconsider its December 2023 judgment upholding a High Court order that it provide documents requested by the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF).

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