What goes into your medical aid premium — and what it means for the NHI

Each year, the CMS determines what type of increase is reasonable. But how do medical schemes calculate premiums and is this different from the way in which the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme will do it once the much debated NHI Bill has been passed?

There are similarities, but also big differences.

A different view of the NHI. 4.5 min read

Health Squared trustees and consultants may still face sanctions

The trustees of the board of Health Squared Medical Scheme, now in liquidation, may still face sanctions for the alleged maladministration of the scheme and other irregularities that led to its financial ruin.

Its collapse in August 2022 left Heath Squared’s about 13 000 members scrambling for alternative medical aid cover.

Catch up on the latest regarding Health Squared and if you don’t know what happened last year, there is sufficient context provided. 5min read

TB research shows a good diet can cut infections by nearly 50%

For centuries, we have known that tuberculosis is a social disease. It thrives on poverty and social factors such as malnutrition, poor housing, overcrowding, unsafe work environments and stigma.

…[but] knowledge about social determinants alone does not always translate into tangible action and progress. A new trial in India, called RATIONS, aimed to determine the effect of nutritional supplementation on new cases of tuberculosis in households of adults with pulmonary TB. The research found that providing food baskets to people with TB and their households could go a long way to prevent and mitigate the disease.

4min read

Navigating health challenges of women: Doctors share their vision for a brighter future for women’s healthcare in SA

Dr Santá-Marie Venter, an orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Anusha Naidoo, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and Dr Sarah Nietz, specialist breast cancer surgeon. Three women who are committed to making a difference in the lives of others in disciplines which were previously dominated by men. 5min read