Eastern Cape Health boosts legal teams to fight bogus medical claims

The Eastern Cape provincial Health Department is tackling bogus medical negligence team head on, beefing up its artillery of legal defences with a mass hiring of legal practitioners, according to spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo, who said it was not easy to retain staff due to the area’s rural nature.

This is very good news, let’s hope the trend is stopped before more money is misspent. 3 min read.

More younger people being diagnosed with colorectal cancer

Previously, colorectal cancer was associated mainly with the older generation; but recently there has been an increase in diagnoses and deaths among younger adults, ranging from their mid-20s to late 50s, and alarming the medical fraternity, which is urging more people to be screened.

This article cites US numbers but we can be on the lookout for its increase in SA. 3 min read.

Obesity should be treated as urgent ‘gateway’ medical condition, say experts

Data from the WHO show that 70% of the Saudi Arabian population has the highest percentage of the world’s obese or overweight adults, followed by the USA (68%), New Zealand (66%), Australia (65%), UK (64%), Argentina (63%) and South Africa (54%).

One of those eye opening articles. A preventable condition and yet it is so prevalent. 4 min read.

How genetic testing can change healthcare in South Africa

When we think of genes, we tend to think of how they pass down traits such as blue eyes, or a predisposition to developing a certain disease. And while this is certainly true, our genetic makeup is more complex than that.

Genes also relate to a much broader range of physical capabilities and traits, such as how you absorb nutrients, which sports you’ll perform better at, and even whether the medication a doctor prescribes for you will work efficiently.

Enlightening 3-min read.