How to protect your business income in South Africa’s tough economic climate

In the current volatile economic conditions, South African businesses, whether they are an SME, mid-market or a multinational organisation, must safeguard their b2b transactions against the threat of unpaid debts. As the country grapples with economic fluctuations exacerbated by global events, the importance of trade credit insurance cannot be overstated. This invaluable tool offers a protective shield for businesses, ensuring stability and mitigating risks in an unpredictable market.

This infomercial provides a lot of insight into the risks of a going concern and how to mitigate the risks of nonpayment. 4min read

The Role of Artificial Intelligence Across the Property Insurance Ecosphere

Over the last couple of years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed how everyone lives, works, and plays.

This article is worth reading, it also provides you with free access to the e-book The Role of Artificial Intelligence Across the Property Insurance Ecosphere. The research is based on the USA market, but the principles are universal and would make a good read for the mid-year vacation. There are 11 chapters each in a highly readable format.

Building better futures by marrying insurance and technology

This article from Hollard Insure demonstrates the technology that they use to support clients and mitigate risk in construction.  3min read