How to think about climate change risk management in 2023

A must read for this edition. A very well written article answering questions top of mind and how to work together to address the risks. 6min read.

For more insight into how climate research is carried out, please read the scientific paper: A drier than expected future, supported by near-surface relative humidity observations

Insurers and their clients count the cost of extreme weather

With large parts of the country lashed by heavy rains that have caused flooding and extensive property damage in the past few months, it is easy to see why the latest World Economic Forum Global Risks Perception Survey listed “extreme weather” as the second most severe risk on a worldwide scale over the next 10 years.

A comprehensive article covering the impact on premiums and the forecast ahead. 5min read.

More autonomous trucks are hitting the road. How should insurers be changing lanes on coverage?

This article is an informative read covering a wide range of topics and related questions to short term insurers. It also gives you access to the Deloitte FSI report which covers global trends. The SA market in this segment is in stark contrast to the USA. Can you identify the major differences? 5min read.

Backseat driving

Read this article which advises how insurance companies will need to adjust processes and business models for autonomous vehicles. 8min read.