Insider cyber threats hamper SA firms

Eleven percent of companies in South Africa suffered from deliberate malicious cyber incidents caused by staff members.

This is according to a new study conducted by cyber security firm Kaspersky, which looks at the cyber incidents caused by the ‘human factor’ as well as insider cyber threats.

The information in this article makes mitigating cyber risk as an insurer a complex business. How would you begin to measure insider risk and insure it for a small business? 3min read.

JBA seals flood data partnership with Old Mutual Insure for South Africa

UK-based flood science specialist JBA Risk Management has secured a new partnership with South African non-life insurer Old Mutual Insure for use of its detailed flood maps in the country.

Exciting news for OMI who will now be better prepared to handle climate change risks. 2.5min read.

Executive Viewpoint: How GenAI Translates Big Data Into Big Commercial Insurance Advantages

The latest advancements in AI are changing the way we interpret and apply large datasets because they are finally speaking our language, writes Elad Tsur, the CEO of Planck, an AI-powered data platform for commercial insurance.

Likening generative AI to a modern-day Rosetta Stone, Tsur also describes the benefits he sees for the industry in streamlining process, identifying emerging trends and uncovering hidden risks.

3.5min read.