Severe Convective Storms Top Insured Natural Disaster Losses in H1: Swiss Re

“The above average losses reaffirm a 5%-7% annual growth trend in insured losses, driven by a warming climate but even more so, by rapidly growing economic values in urbanized settings, globally. The cyclone and flood events in New Zealand in the first quarter of 2023 are testimonies of the risk to today’s large urban centres, continuing patterns observed in 2021 in the Germany flooding, and in 2022 in Australia and South Africa.” Martin Bertogg, head of Catastrophe Perils at Swiss Re.

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Insuring the Future: How Gen Z Digital Natives Are Transforming Insurance

Generation Z insurance consumers – or those born between roughly 1997 and 2012 – want the insurance process to be authentic, honest, and immediate. That’s according to guests on The Insuring Cyber Podcast’s quarterly InsurTech update episode.

Would you agree with this if you’re a Generation Z consumer? This podcast is 36min. The abbreviated text version is 3min.

Navigating the Challenges of Wildfire Risk Modelling

As wildfires raged across Northeastern Canada in June, spreading toxic smoke across a large swath of Eastern and Central U.S., risk and insurance executives were reminded of the myriad challenges associated with wildfire risk.

Read more about the complexity of wildfire risk and how modelling can help. 4min read

Taming the flame, from local to global extreme wildfires

The societal and environmental impacts have spurred Australia to rethink wildfire management and work toward innovative solutions.

Enlightening article. 8min read