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PayShap must be free – Michael Jordaan

Former FNB CEO and venture capitalist Michael Jordaan said that prohibitively high transaction costs will stifle the adoption of PayShap.

A must read along with the article below. 3 min read.

Banks in Africa must become fully digital to survive – Huawei

This is one of the take-outs from the Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2023, hosted in Cape Town this week.

The Chinese multinational used the event to launch its ‘Non Stop Banking’ initiative, which calls for collaboration between the ICT and banking industries. Huawei believes African banks must leverage advancement in mobile banking and fast-track full digitalisation to compete in the broader fintech market.

In this article the phrase “moving money at the speed of trust” was used. What do you think that means? Offer three suggestions before reading the article. 2.5 min read.

Impressed by your insurance app? You’ll be even more impressed once you learn what goes into it

Like a growing number of South Africans, your primary contact with your insurance product is probably through a smartphone app – whether it is an insurer’s app, your banking app or your favourite retailer’s app. With these apps, you can insure items in seconds, get discounts for engaging in behaviour that reduces your risk profile, and process claims immediately.

This charming accessible article shows us what goes into an app to make it simple to use. 3.5 min read.

AI-driven Vulavula to champion African languages

Newly opened artificial intelligence (AI) research and product lab Lelapa AI will go to market with its first natural language model solution, Vulavula, within the next two months.

So says co-founder and CEO Pelonomi Moiloa, explaining the start-up’s plans to build AI-based customer-facing products and services that solve uniquely African problems.

What an exciting project what an exciting co-founder! 4.5 min read.