Includes Insurtech and blockchain.

AI isn’t close to becoming sentient – the real danger lies in how easily we’re prone to anthropomorphize it

ChatGPT and similar large language models can produce compelling, humanlike answers to an endless array of questions – from queries about the best Italian restaurant in town to explaining competing theories about the nature of evil.

The technology’s uncanny writing ability has surfaced some old questions – until recently relegated to the realm of science fiction – about the possibility of machines becoming conscious, self-aware or sentient.

Fascinating article raising ethical questions from centuries past. 4 min read. There may be a lot of new words in this article which you can enjoy learning!

Someone sentient is able to feel things or sense them. Sentient usually occurs in phrases like “sentient beings” and “sentient creatures,” making it clear that things that don’t have life don’t have feelings.

Insuring the Metaverse: Immersive Tech and the Future of Coverage

A shared, immersive ecosystem that relies on 3-D tech and blockchain tools may seem like a science fiction concept, but some say this is the next iteration of the internet, and it’s materializing quickly. This is known as the metaverse, but what exactly is it? And what role could insurance play?

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