Interest rate hikes not the only solution to inflation

PSG Wealth’s chief investment officer, Adriaan Pask, said interest rate hikes are not the right mechanism for fighting inflation in all environments – particularly in South Africa, where economic growth is limited.

Inflation is a reality and yet in reality difficult to manage. 3min read.

Reserve Bank’s 2023 load-shedding expectations

The SARB’s latest Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) statement, delivered on 20 July, said the expected load-shedding is 280 days in 2023.

2min read.

South African food price concerns for 2023

The increased likelihood of the El Niño weather pattern could see emerging markets – including South Africa – face stagflationary risks and higher food prices as soon as this year.

This is according to Schroders senior emerging markets economist David Rees, who defined El Niño as a periodic weather pattern typically observed every two to seven years, where a warming of sea waters in the Pacific Ocean disrupts the climate.

2.5 min read.