Includes women in work, finance and STEM

Making mentorship and sponsorship work for women in asset management

It’s common knowledge that one of the greatest diversity challenges for South African asset managers is the inclusion of more women in key roles. Despite decades of focus and transformation effort, women remain under-represented in executive positions and in technical roles such as portfolio management and C–level executives.

Practical advice and a good 5min read.

Successful Women Make the Best Advocates to Help Other Women Move up the Ranks

Referrals and recommendations have been shown to be helpful for women, particularly those in male-dominated professions, where women face even greater biases than the norm. However, Campbell’s study, published in the journal Academy of Management Discoveries, shows that referrals can have different effects depending on who provides them.

Interesting findings have emerged from the study. 2.5min read.

We must build safe digital spaces for women and girls, and women must write the code

In spite of their best intentions to be inclusive, men cannot view the world through a woman’s lens. Building safer digital spaces is tightly bound to having women write the code on the platforms in which victimisation is taking place.

3min read.