Unlock the Power of Effective Writing: Insights from Steven Pinker

When we know a lot about a topic, it can be difficult to write about it in a way that makes sense to the layperson.

To improve writing, Cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker suggests several strategies:

1) Use concrete nouns and refer to tangible things instead of abstractions.

2) Assume that readers know less about the topic than you do but are still intelligent and sophisticated.

3) Have someone from the intended audience read your work and provide feedback.

4) Allow time between writing and editing, so you can approach your own work with fresh eyes.

This is a brilliant read and will be useful to anyone, particularly those of you writing a paper or an honour’s project. 10min read.

GPT-4 Fails Final Actuarial Exam

“I gave GPT-4 the 2019 version of CAS Exam 9. This is the last exam in the Casualty Actuarial Society progression to a fellowship (FCAS), the highest designation available to Property & Casualty actuaries.”

Acrisure actuary David Wright unpacks the performance of ChatGPT. We do not have a direct equivalent in SA, but the paper and the rubric are provided which will show which exams would make up CAS Exam 9. 10min read.

AI could threaten some jobs, but it is more likely to become our personal assistant

This common sense approach is refreshing. There will undoubtedly be many who will lose their jobs to AI but all things considered job loss is not down to AI only. 4min read