Understanding the flow state

People often enter the flow state when they’re doing something they enjoy. In fact, experts have noted that athletes, musicians, and artists usually perform at their best when this happens.

When you achieve this state of mind, you become immersed in what you’re doing. All of your attention is directed toward the task, and you don’t allow self-doubt to creep in.

In this state, your confidence, productivity, and fulfilment also increase.

Daniel Wong is very generous with his practical advice on studying, although he often reaches out to younger audiences, the lesson is the same. If you would like to tweak your study habits read this article and the one on focus and procrastination. 6min read

How to get unstuck from your writing obstacles

This article is upfront and honest about what keeps us from writing when we need to. It is refreshing and useful. You can also take the learnings into other areas of your life where a big project is getting stuck.  3.5min read

Making black tax manageable begins with accountability

Whether you call it “black tax” or the “sandwich generation”, the obligation placed on those who achieve a degree of financial success to provide for their extended families and communities is a financial reality faced by a growing number of South Africans.

Hadebe is the author of Handle Black Tax Like a Pro – Setting Boundaries, Improving Relationships and Achieving Freedom, a book about how to strike a healthy balance between assisting family members and planning to reach your financial goals.

These are lessons we can all benefit from. The article is a starting point if you can’t afford the book!

I am reminded of a recent quote I came across which seemed to be speaking directly to me:

“Nothing is going to go away until it teaches you what you need to know.” Anonymous