How do I improve my immunity? Expert shares tips on what to do – and what to avoid

The human immune system is arguably the most complex system in the human body. But scientists have made a lot of progress in understanding how it functions.

That’s important for understanding illnesses and how to manage them. For instance, it’s important to understand that an immune response takes several days to fully develop. This knowledge would hopefully prevent people from getting impatient and seeking inappropriate care.

5 min read.

PW#877: Stop being a people pleaser!

You should stop being a people pleaser if you want to become a more effective writer…

If you’re a writer and a people pleaser, I can tell you how your life is going to go.

Your writing side will lose and your people-pleasing side will win.

I always read Daphne Gray-Grant’s blogs not because I am writer, but because I find that her advice can be used for whatever goal I am pursuing at the time.  You can do it too. For example, if you’re a student replace the writer focus with your studies or the exam that you need to pass to qualify. If you’re an experienced actuary replace the writer focus with your career objectives.  

A very worthwhile 5 minute read and if it makes you feel uncomfortable – that’s good! You may change your habits.