The Actuarial Society Educational Trust (ASET) is a registered public benefit organisation, duly authorised to issue certificates in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act. ASET focuses exclusively on learners and schools in previously disadvantaged communities, and is assessed annually by an independent competent person for BEE purposes.

The objectives of the trust are to support education through –

  • programmes that facilitate the provision, utilisation and maintenance of online resources;
  • conducting workshops to ensure optimal use of such online resources;
  • developing and preparing study material for the use of beneficiaries;
  • provision of equipment to public schools, and
  • making available funding to public schools.

In 2015, ASET entered into an agreement with Paper Video, a social enterprise that provides online support material to learners in Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Sciences and Accounting. Through this partnership, support material has been provided to more than 80 000 learners in previously disadvantaged communities. Independent research has shown a significant improvement in the marks of students who had used the Paper Video resources.

ASET is funded through contributions by members of the Actuarial Society, members of the public and corporate entities that wish to contribute to educational initiatives. These entities have included the MMI Foundation, Investec, South African Breweries, Investment Solutions and RGA.

The current trustees are: Mike McDougall (Chair), Tjaart Esterhuyse, Prof Roseanne Murphy Harris, Simon Kroon and Greg Whittaker. All of them are Fellow members of the Actuarial Society.

ASET is audited by the auditors of the Actuarial Society.


TJ Esterhuyse
SB Kroon
MG Mc Dougall
R Murphy Harris
GA Wittaker

Contact details

ASSA Office
2nd Floor, Birkdale 1 ,
River Park, Gloucester Road
Mowbray, Cape Town

Tel: 087 073 8940