Maximising Participation as a Sponsor or Exhibitor

We know that navigating the virtual conference world can be tricky – that’s why we’ve prepared this roadmap to help you maximise the benefits of your virtual sponsorship or exhibition.

As a sponsor of the ASSA 2022 Hybrid Convention, you’re an important part of the success of the Convention and we’re grateful for your support. This roadmap is a reminder that in the virtual conference world, we all need to work a little differently, but it’s not hard to do and the team is here to support you.

For the ASSA 2022 Hybrid Convention we’re using a platform called Webex (previously named Socio). We used the Webex platform for the ASSA 2020 and 2021 Virtual Convention with great success. We think it’s a great platform because it can be used on a mobile device AND/OR on your laptop in a browser. We say “AND/OR” because it’s actually great to use both in unison – networking on mobile and attending sessions on the web app. Bear in mind that the platform is backed up by a (large) tech and organising team – it takes a surprising amount of hardware and real people to put on a successful hybrid conference – and the help desk is always available to assist.

Remember you’re still getting all the traditional website and communications benefits of sponsorship – you’re listed on the Convention website and depending on your package you might be highlighted in a newsletter. ASSA social media will also be promoting your sponsorship.

Most important to remember as a sponsor or exhibitor in the virtual world is that you need to make an extra effort to engage and interact with attendees. You can find many channels for engagement across the virtual platform: The Wall (like a social media feed), in Video Rooms (small group conversations, sponsored or based on a topic), in the Q&A during sessions, in the Chat within your Virtual Sponsor or Exhibitor Profile, and directly by making connections via the Attendees list. We suggest enlisting a few members of your team to make the most of the opportunities to interact.

Read on for detailed information on maximising your participation as a sponsor or exhibitor, and thanks again for your support!


Banners on the Virtual Platform’s Web and Mobile Apps
Scrolling Banner Advert
Design a banner advert for the virtual platform (web and mobile app)


 • Available to Platinum, Gold, and Silver Sponsors.
• Located beneath Table of Contents on Web and at bottom of page on Mobile.
• Part of a scrolling banner which is always visible.


• Keep your advert simple, less is more in this case.
• Text font size should be no less than 32pt to ensure it can be easily read.
• Use eye-catching imagery.
• Ideal to have a Convention-specific advert, promoting a product or service that is industry-specific.


What are the specifications for the Scrolling Banner Advert?

Format: “.jpg”
Size: (w)950 pixels by (h)380 pixels.

How long will my advert show?

Each advert shows for 5 seconds at a time, in constant rotation.

Is my banner advert clickable?

Yes, the banner advert can link to content on the Virtual Platform like a brochure in your Sponsor/Exhibitor Profile or to a location outside of the platform, such as your website!

How do I know my advert is being viewed?

Post-Convention you will receive stats on how many people viewed and clicked your banner advert.

Sponsor Announcements


•  Available to Platinum and Gold Sponsors.
• Send an announcement to attendees, indicated with a notification for all.
• Located in the Announcements feature on Web and Mobile and as a push notification on Mobile.
• Mobile users will receive a push notification and Web users will see a red indicator on the Announcements feature to let them know there’s a new message.
• The announcement is clickable and can be linked to your Virtual Sponsor/Exhibitor Profile to increase traffic.


Is my logo included in this announcement?

Announcements do not include logos, just your company name and sponsorship level.

Is the announcement dedicated to my company, or do I share this announcement with other sponsors?

Each announcement is dedicated to one company/sponsor at a time.

Can I see how many attendees clicked on the announcement?

Yes. Post-Convention you will receive stats on who clicked on your announcement.

The Dialogue

The Dialogue is a professionally focused platform that encourages opinion, discussion, conversation, and debate. The Dialogue is where attendees can carry on content discussions, driving dialogue and conversation about sessions and topics.

You and your team are welcome to promote your sponsorship here, interacting in your personal capacity with other attendees, please keep the theme “In Dialogue” in mind, and encourage conversation and debate when posting about the below.
•Share raffles or prizes and encourage attendee opinions and conversation.
•Chat and post pics or messages, enticing attendees to visit both your Virtual Profile and stand on the show floor and keep “The Dialogue” continuing face to face.
•Encourage participation in your Video Room.


Where your brand lives on the Virtual Platform


What are the specifications for the cover image?

Medium cover image: Format: “.jpg”
Size: (W)800 pixels by (H)400 pixels.

Large cover image: Format: “.jpg”
Size: (W)1200 pixels by (H)300 pixels.

What are the specifications for my logo?

Format: “.jpg”
Shape: square (i.e. ratio 1:1)
Size minimum: 100 pixels by 100 pixels
Size recommended: 500 pixels by 500 pixels
Size maximum: 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels

The listing of all Virtual Sponsor and Exhibitor Profiles is called the Grid View and it’s your chance to grab attention with a really great cover image.
This is the image the attendee sees before clicking on your Virtual Profile to learn more about you.


• Provide bold, eye-catching imagery.
• Make sure you use the space provided for your cover image fully (avoid a tiny logo, all alone in the middle of the cover).
• Ensure that your entire cover image fits within the dimensions provided so that the whole image will show.  
• Do not include too many details in your cover image, this image is intended to grab attention and encourage clicking through. Within your Virtual Sponsor/Exhibitor Profile is where you should provide detailed information.
• Be sure to provide a high-res logo that is not pixelated.

Inside the Virtual Sponsor/Exhibitor Profile


How do I know if attendees are accessing my Virtual Sponsor/Exhibitor Profile?

Post-Convention you will receive analytics on your profile, including stats on:
• How many attendees visited/clicked on your profile.
• Who clicked on your profile

How do I generate leads via my Virtual Sponsor/Exhibitor Profile?

The details of every attendee that has engaged with your profile are recorded and sent to you; lead generation has never been easier!

How do I interact with my attendees?

You can chat with them right within the profile! In addition, attendees can “Request Follow Up” or “Schedule Meeting” by clicking the Call to Action buttons. You can also message attendees directly by selecting the attendee’s icon on the app, and messaging attendees directly to begin a conversation.

How does an attendee request a private one-on-one meeting with me?

The attendee clicks the button “Schedule Meeting”

What is Featured Media? (available to Large Sponsor / Exhibitor Profiles)

Featured Media is whatever you would like to showcase as the landing page of your Virtual Profile. It can be a video or a PDF/brochure (see above image)

What does the attendee see inside your Virtual Sponsor or Exhibitor Profile once they’ve clicked through?
• Company description: There is no limit to the quantity of words used in your profile.
• Digital brochures or PDFs: These appear as an attachment in your profile, and there is no limit to the quantity or size of the attachments.
• Videos you would like displayed in your profile: There is no limit to the quantity or size of your videos, as long as you send the video as a web link.
• Links to websites, and social media channels.
• Call to Action buttons such as “Request Follow Up” and “Schedule Meeting” which encourage attendees to seek personal interaction with you.
• Direct chat function.
• Featured Media: a high visibility area where you can showcase a video, website, or PDF (available to Large Sponsor/Exhibitor Profiles).


• Provide an up-to-date description of your company and share why you are supporting the Convention, remember to include your stand number on the show floor, to encourage in person visits.
• Share social media links.
• Use all the opportunities available: digital brochures, Featured Media, a scheduling service (e.g. Calendly).
• Be sure to connect with attendees who have expressed interest in meeting you: make connections via the Attendees feature and arrange to meet one-on-one.
• Be sure to have a team member dedicated to the chat and to answering the “Request Follow Up” and “Schedule Meeting” requests.
• Remember, the more information you share, the more the attendee will engage.
• Offer raffles or special discounts only available to attendees who click on your links.
• Take advantage of interaction on the Convention social media feed, aka The Wall, and encourage attendees to visit your booth.


Your dedicated Video Room


Who gets a Video Room?

Platinum, Gold, Silver Sponsors and Exhibition Stands

How many attendees can join the discussion?

13 attendees and up to 3 moderators at a time.

How does an attendee join a Video Room?

Video rooms are accessed via the VIDEO ROOM icon on the Web and Mobile Apps (not from within the Virtual Sponsor/Exhibitor Profile). The name of the Video Room indicates who is hosting or what the discussion topic is; attendees can browse through available Video Rooms and join any active rooms that are not full.

When is my Video Room active?

This will depend on the sponsor package you have selected. The Video Rooms are scheduled during breaks, the Sponsor selects the time they would like the Video Room to be open.

The Video Room is where you can host discussions with up to 13 participants at a time or screen a scheduled presentation. They are scheduled to happen during the breaks of the Conference, the sponsor gets to select the time they would like their Video Rooms open.


• Be open and friendly.
• Greet attendees by name.
• Be sure to keep an eye on the chat.
• Provide an incentive to attendees to participate by sharing a raffle ticket or discount code in the chat.
• If you are giving a presentation, be sure to practice ahead of time to ensure all of your links and images are displayed as you like.
• Prep some questions and conversation starters to get the chat going if attendees are quiet when they enter.


We know that the more data you have access to, the more leads you can generate and the more insight you can gain. That’s why we provide you with a full post-Convention analytics report

Analytics on Scrolling Banner Advert

• The number of attendees who viewed your sponsor banner.
• The number of attendees who clicked your sponsor banner.
• An Excel report with the details of the attendees who clicked on your sponsor banner, including: First Name, Last Name, Email, Title, Company, Date, Time Clicked, Platform Used: Web vs Mobile.

Analytics on Virtual Sponsor/Exhibitor Profile

You can now see exactly what the attendee is looking for when visiting your Profile
• An overview of how many clicks you received.
• An Excel report with the details of each attendee who clicked your Virtual Profile including: First Name, Last Name, Email, Title, Company, Date, Time Clicked, Platform Used: Web vs Mobile.

If you have any further queries, please email