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Radoslav Albrecht

Radoslav Albrecht will speak in the Closing Plenary Session on Convention Day One, Tuesday, 17 October 2017.

About the presentation
Radoslav Albrecht is an innovator with a background in financial services. In his presentations he introduces various innovative fintech companies in Europe and the USA (not just the usual suspects, e.g. Uber and Airbnb) that are specifically disrupting the financial services industry. Given the growing focus on fintech in South Africa, this presentation on the Bitbond technology, how to be innovative in a fast-moving industry, and the impact of blockchain on financial services and insurers will be a very useful session to attend.

You can view the presentation here, watch the session here and listen to the audio recording here.

Presenter’s profile
Radoslav Albrecht is the founder and CEO of Bitbond, the first global marketplace lending platform for small business loans. Bitbond leverages blockchain technology to connect creditworthy borrowers with individual and institutional investors. Radoslav is a frequent speaker at conferences about financial innovation and financial inclusion using bitcoin and blockchain technology. Before founding Bitbond Radoslav worked for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants & Deutsche Bank London, advising financial services providers in Europe and Western Africa in restructuring and post-merger integrations as well as working in sales & trading of structured products.

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  • Bitbond is the first global marketplace lending platform for small business loans. We leverage blockchain technology to connect creditworthy borrowers with individual and institutional investors. By innovating in the fields of payments and credit scoring, Bitbond makes financial inclusion a reality around the world. All payment transactions on Bitbond are conducted via the bitcoin blockchain. Therefore our service is available worldwide via the internet and is independent of banks. More about Bitbond:
  • Short interview with Radoslav Albrecht:
  • Presentation at Finovate New York: Bitbond launches automated global SME scoring mechanism:

Jeremy Gardiner will provide a general economic update on Convention Day Two , Wednesday, 18 October 2017.

Presenter’s profile
Jeremy Gardiner is a regular voice in the media, at conferences, and to the investment-related world at large, responsible for commenting on current affairs, economics, and investment markets.
A Director at Investec, Jeremy has been with the firm for 25 years, during which the business has grown from a small Cape Town asset management firm into a significant global business managing clients assets in excess of R1.6 trillion.
Jeremy also served on the board of Western Province/Stormers Rugby from 2003 to 2005, a period in which their performance was particularly poor!
Although he studied accounting at the University of Cape Town and Economics at the University of the Witwatersrand, Jeremy is neither an accountant nor an economist, but uses these skills to demystify what the accountants and economists are saying.

Nene Molefi will speak in the Opening Plenary Session on Convention Day One, Tuesday, 17 October 2017 and facilitate the Developing the Skills of Inclusion workshops on both days.

Presenter’s profile
Nene Molefi was born in Soweto. She is the CEO of Mandate Molefi HR Consultants, a company with a track record that spans over 16 years. Her versatility and experience in partnering with boards and executive committees has positioned her well to work with large-scale culture change, transformation, and leadership development projects.
Over the years, Nene has gained a reputation both locally and internationally as a thought leader in diversity and inclusion, values-driven leadership, transformation, and culture change. She is a regular presenter at conferences around the world and has spoken at Carnegie Mellon University (Pennsylvania) and the University of St Thomas (Minnesota), and presented at IPM Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, and South Africa.
She is the author of numerous publications and has recently published “A Journey of Diversity and Inclusion in South Africa”. She is a member of the Diversity Collegium which is a think tank of globally recognised diversity experts, and a board member of the Center for Global Inclusion. Together with 94 experts, she has developed benchmarks for Global Best Practice on Diversity and Inclusion.
Nene is an associate lecturer at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) on Unconscious Bias and a guest lecturer on Transformation Strategy for Stellenbosch Business School and for Henley Business School. She is currently working with private schools including Kingsmead, St Andrews, Bishops, St Peters, and Hilton on ensuring an inclusive learning environment.
Nene is committed to social entrepreneurship and community involvement. She sits on the board of Meals on Wheels which is a non-profit organisation providing food to the homeless and other South Africans in need.

Suzette Vogelsang will provide a regulatory update on Convention Day One, Tuesday, 17 October 2017.

Presenter’s profile
Suzette Vogelsang is currently the Head of the Insurance Groups Supervision Department as well as the Head of the SAM Unit of the Financial Services Board (FSB). She has been in the employment of the FSB since September 1991 when she joined as a junior analyst in the Long-term Insurance Department.
Her current supervisory responsibilities include the financial supervision, on both a solo and group basis, of the long- and short-term insurance companies forming part of the larger insurance/banking groups in South Africa.
In respect of the SAM Unit, Suzette’s responsibilities include the managing of the SAM Team, the finalisation of the technical requirements in prudential standards, and developing and implementing the supervisory processes and systems. She is also responsible for the development and implementation of the current Prudential Risk-based Supervisory Framework used within the FSB.
Suzette represents the FSB in various industry forums. In respect of the SAM Project, she is the Chair of Pillar II and Pillar III and is also the chair of the Insurance Groups Task Group. Suzette is a member of the IAIS Financial Stability and Technical Committee, and holds an Honours Degree in Financial Management from the University of South Africa.


Athol Williams will speak in the Closing Plenary Session on Convention Day Two, Wednesday, 18 October 2017.

About the presentation
Athol Williams deals in possibility and the benefits of adopting an open, possibility-rich approach to business innovation, product development, personal life, and career. Athol will share his story of growing up in Mitchells Plain during apartheid and going on to become one of the first people to earn Masters degrees from five of the world’s top universities. He will share some lessons and his life philosophies, will appeal to the audience’s determination to overcome obstacles, and challenge us to live lives of possibility and greatness – for ourselves, and for our society.

You can view the presentation here, watch the session here and listen to the audio recording here.

Presenter’s profile
Athol Williams is a strategy advisor and award-winning author who grew up in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town. He is currently a graduate student in political philosophy at Oxford University and his academic background includes political theory (LSE), corporate finance (LBS), and engineering (Wits). His professional background is in business, mostly in corporate strategy and finance, and the companies he has worked at include Bain & Company, RMB Corvest, Old Mutual, and Rio Tinto. He has served on a number of boards including Shalamuka Capital (private equity), WBS Centre for Entrepreneurship (education), and the MIT Alumni Board. He has founded and co-founded a number of organisations including Taurus Associates (consulting), Taurus School Solutions (education), and Ready to Rise (youth literacy).

The author of eight books, Athol has twice been awarded the Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award, was runner-up for an SA Literary Award in 2016, and was a winner of Oxford University’s Parallel Universe Poetry Prize.

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