2020 Sponsors & Exhibitors

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Why sponsor the Virtual Convention?

Wider Reach: There are fewer limits to participating virtually, which means it’s simpler for participants to attend. We’ve attracted up to 1800 participants at past Conventions and we expect that to grow by at least 10%, giving you access to a wider audience.
Longer Lasting: Virtual Convention content will remain available on-demand for six months after the Convention.
Interactive: Panels, Q&A, chat, activity streams, and Zoom meetings: our virtual platform includes many ways to interact. Participants that visit your virtual exhibition booth have on-demand access to your brochures, videos, demos, whatever you choose to share. They can also chat with you directly or request a meeting.
Encouragement: Participants are encouraged to interact with you at your booth and get points for doing so. ASSA will encourage and support you as sponsor, sharing advice on how to maximise your sponsorship with tips and tricks for the virtual environment.
Cost Effective: Well-priced packages, plus you’ll save on travel, accommodation, promotional items, and other face-to-face Convention expenses.
Measurable: ASSA will provide you with post-Convention reporting, including how many people visited your booth, links clicked, and how participants felt about your booth.

Unfortunately the sponsorship and exhibition for the 2020 Virtual Convention is now closed, but please feel free to contact Jason Rade on +27 (0) 72 099 1785 or jason@africanagenda.com should you be interested in participating in the 2021 Convention.