2021 Invited Speakers

Adrian Gore

Adrian Gore founded Discovery in South Africa in 1992 – with a core purpose “to make people healthier and enhance, and protect their lives”. Discovery is now multinational and is renowned for Vitality, the largest global platform that creates behaviour change and financially integrates this behaviour into insurance and financial services pricing. This pioneering model of insurance – coined Vitality Shared Value – is transforming insurance markets and financial services globally and concurrently making a significant share of the global insured population healthier and extending life expectancy. Discovery listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1997 and has a market cap of $4 billion as at 30 June 2020.

Certain global trends have made the Vitality Shared-Value model even more relevant today than in 1992. Given these trends, Adrian through Discovery applied the model to its own companies in the United Kingdom and is now transforming the global market by embedding its model into the world’s largest insurers. This is achieved through an ecosystem of reward partners, technology assets, clinical capabilities, and actuarial data and structures, to help partners integrate behaviour change into products and pricing. The Global Vitality Network includes national insurance champions such as AIA, Generali, John Hancock, Manulife, Ping An Health, Sumitomo Life, IGI and Saludsa and Equivida – representing more than 30% of the global personal protection market, with over 20 million Vitality members, across 23 countries.