Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA)

International recognition is formalized by the signing of mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) between professional actuarial associations in different countries. MRAs recognize the equivalence of qualifications and facilitate admission to membership of associations in other countries with the corresponding professional designation, subject to certain conditions.

  • Applies to fellow and associate members of IAA member bodies where Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA) have been concluded
  • Offering an internationally recognised professional qualification for local members
  • Supports the provision of critical skills locally by attracting foreign members

Mutual Recognition Agreements concluded:


Professional body Date signed Country Document
Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap 15.10.2015 Netherland MRA THE NETHERALNDS_KONINKLIJK ACTUARIEEL GENOOTSCHAP
Canadian Institute of Actuaries 15.10.2015 Canada MRA THE CANADIAN INSTITUTE OF ACTUARIES
Institute and Faculty of Actuaries 30.10.2014 United Kingdom 08 MRA THE UK_INSTITUTE AND FACULTY OF ACTUARIES
Institute of Actuaries of Australia 19.11.2009 Australia 09 MRA AUSTRALIA_THE INSTITUTE OF ACTUARIES OF AUSTRALIA
Deutche Aktuarvereinging 11.04.2015 Germany 10 MRA GERMANY_DEUTCHE AKTUARVEREINIGING 2015
Society of Actuaries in Ireland 03.03.2010 Ireland 11 MRA IRLAND _SOCIETY OF ACTUARIES IRELAND-201003
Actuarial Association of Europe 01.01.2014 Europe 12 MRA EUROPE_ACTUARIAL ASSOCIATION OF EUROPE
Casualty Actuarial Society 30.11.2016 USA 13 MRA USA_MRA CASUALTY ACTUARIAL SOCIETY