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The following is a list of the most recent media statements by the Actuarial Society. If you are looking for older articles, please check the press release archives.

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New leadership duo determined to transform the culture and demographics of the actuarial profession in SA

15 February 2022

It takes an average of 8 years to produce an actuary – transforming South Africa’s smallest profession

29 March 2022

South Africa’s looming public health crisis highlighted by a Karoo community

4 May 2022

Repaying a home loan and affected by the floods? Check with your bank whether your house is insured

25 May 2022

Amended Regulation 28: Retirement fund trustees will have to up their infrastructure investment skills

6 July 2022

Make yourself traceable by retirement funds that may owe you money

12 September 2022

Climate change moves into priority position on the actuarial agenda

27 October 2022

Big five life insurers see no new spikes in deaths in 2022, but claims remain above pre-pandemic levels

30 November 2022

A maths distinction in matric gives you a superpower to change the world

27 January 2021

Bitcoin: guidance from an actuary on how to channel your fear of missing out

23 February 2021

How to grow a meaningful nest egg with little money but a lot of time

6 April 2021

The severity of South Africa’s third Covid-19 wave will depend on its timing

11 May 2021

Fourfold increase in death claims against fully underwritten life policies during second Covid-19 wave

01 June 2021

Medical malpractice claims drain SA’s public health funding

22 June 2021

Property covered by a short-term insurance policy likely to have Sasria cover

19 July 2021


Accessing retirement savings before retiring like stepping into quicksand

1 September 2021


Actuarial model shows that NTs two-bucket system is likely to triple future pensions

7 October 2021


COVID-19 pandemic marked by lack of meaningful and respectful debate, says incoming Actuarial Society President

21 October 2021


Actuarial Society expects Covid-19 fourth wave in December; death rate will depend on how quickly South Africans get the jab

25 October 2021


Actuarial Society welcomes first steps towards regulating medical malpractice

15 November 2021


Third wave COVID-19 death claims rate for insured population almost four times higher the expected death rate

14 December 2021

Financial stress linked to risk of chronic disease
7 December 2016

Actuaries prioritise education initiatives to ensure economic upliftment
24 October 2016

SA leading the global drive to formalise the role of actuaries in banking
21 October 2016

Actuaries caution that zero fees may not be feasible in SA context
13 October 2016

Medical aid at risk of becoming unaffordable unless members help manage costs
28 September 2016

“Four paychecks left to prepare for a carefree holiday”
22 August 2016

Numbers prove chasing market trends will break your investment
6 July 2016

Youth Day financial survival guide for young adults
15 May 2016

Why pyramid and Ponzi schemes are doomed to fail
30 May 2016

“Seize control of your financial future this Mother’s Day”
4 May 2016

Sensory technology to redefine vehicle insurance in South Africa
12 April 2016

The impact of tax changes on your salary and retirement
15 March 2016

Shock proof your finances against further interest rate hikes
23 February 2016

Financial survival tips for a difficult year ahead
12 January 2016

No excuse not to have medical aid before the holidays
2 December 2015

New ASSA Leadership announced
18 November 2015

Call on actuaries to better understand the needs of consumers
18 November 2015

Time to review your medical aid benefit option
28 October 2015

Private sector funding of desperately needed learning resources
30 September 2015

With university deadlines looming is Actuarial Science on your shortlist?
21 September 2015

Why more women should consider Actuarial Science
26 August 2015

Global first as SA introduces actuarial qualification to manage banking risk
24 July 2015

Actuarial Society supports initiative to bring quality teachers into poor classrooms
23 June 2015

Actuarial profession rolls up sleeves to help with RDR
3 June 2015

How to extract maximum value from the new Tax Free Savings and Investment Accounts
6 May 2015

How your choice of first car can make or break your retirement
3 March 2015

South Africa needs to invest more in growing its own quantitative skills
28 January 2015

Living annuity tips from an actuarial advice model
19 November 2014

Should you pay school fees annually in advance
10 December 2014

SA actuary achieves international milestone in risk management
08 March 2012

Turning Savings into Investment
14 July 2014

Prestigious award for Discovery’s Chief Health Actuary
22 October 2014

Transformation of the Actuarial Profession
23 October 2014

ASSA Investigates Unsecured Lending Practises
17 September 2014

Tips From Female Actuaries – How to Empower Yourself Financially
20 August 2014

Fight rising costs with a household budget
14 February 2014

Funding a Funeral
12 March 2014

Why Maths?
24 June 2014

South African Actuarial Qualifications acknowledged by Europe
11 March 2014

Actuarial Science degree of choice for top achievers
22 January 2014

Rugby Goal Kickers Scored
15 October 2013

Global big data industry turns to actuaries to solve skills shortage
1 November 2013

Seven easy steps to financial peace of mind this holiday
10 December 2013

Maths and Science Initiative
24 October 2013

True cost of buying on credit
24 July 2013

Actuarial Student number signalling shift in demographics
25 September 2013

Planning for Retirement as a couple
29 August 2013

South African retirement reform process ahead of global agenda
20 June 2013

Guide to taking charge of your financial destiny
28 January 2013

How pension fund proposals will affect you
3 April 2013

Setting guideline tariffs for medical and dental practitioners
18 June 2013

Strong maths culture key to development
20 February 2013

Why women need a bigger nest egg than men
21 August 2012

Actuaries caution against dismissing guaranteed annuities as the ugly duckling
10 October 2012

Invest in your debt for superior returns
30 July 2012

Press Release Archive 2011

The following is a list of media statements released on behalf of the Actuarial Society of South Africa:

Prestigious awards for local actuaries

09 November 2011
The Actuarial Society of South Africa last night bestowed its most prestigious honour, the Murray Medal, on South African actuary Desmond Smith for his outstanding service to the Society and the actuarial profession.

SA’s first CERA’s

04 November 2011
South Africa has produced its first Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuaries (CERAs), making it one of the few countries in the world able to boast actuaries formally trained to devise and implement effective risk strategies across organisations.

ASSA2008 Aids Model released

09 March 2011
The ASSA2008 model was released in March of 2011, and is the most recent version of the ASSA AIDS and Demographic model to be released. The most significant changes to the previous version of the model are greater estimates of the impact of antiretroviral treatment in recent years, as well as significant increases in levels in condom usage over the last decade. (9 March 2011)

CERA Designation: South Africa attains Award status

01 February 2011
South Africa’s Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary (CERA) qualification was approved by the CERA Global Association in Switzerland in January 2011. Peter Doyle, President of the Actuarial Society of South Africa, says the Society is expecting to announce the country’s first actuaries with the internationally recognised new CERA qualification later this year. Currently the US, UK and Australia are the only other countries where actuaries can obtain the international CERA qualification.

Press Release Archive 2010

The following is a list of media statements released on behalf of the Actuarial Society of South Africa:

Reality check – can you afford to retire?

22 July 2010
How likely are you to have R6-million in savings and investments at your disposal when you turn 60? If you are planning to retire at age 60, this is the amount of money you will need to ensure that you have at least
R15 000 a month before tax to live on without eating into your capital amount.

Actuarial model weighs up the odds for the 2010 World Cup

09 June 2010
Mathematically speaking, Brazil has an 18.8% chance of winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup, followed by Germany with 18.6% and Italy with 17.5%. This is according to an actuarial model prepared by an actuary and a pricing analyst from RGA Reinsurance.

South African actuaries to become experts in global risk management

03 June 2010
South Africa is likely to be one of only a handful of countries in the world by the end of this year producing sought after chartered enterprise risk actuaries. Actuaries with the internationally recognised Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary (CERA) qualification are trained to devise and implement effective risk strategies across organisations, a highly desirable skill since the global financial crisis exposed excessive risk taking by organisations around the world.

South African actuary up for presidency of global body

06 May 2010

Local actuaries show that disability claims rise during times of economic hardship

08 March 2010

Actuaries in high demand after the Global crisis

01 March 2010

Seasoned actuary to oversee logistics of growth for SA actuarial profession

01 March 2010

SA actuaries adopt coveted international risk management qualification

15 February 2010
ActuarialProfessionOutlook-MediaRelease-20100215 (pdf)

Press Release Archive prior to 2010

The following is a list of media statements released on behalf of the Actuarial Society of South Africa:

World’s actuaries to conduct global crisis post mortem in SA

14 December 2009


ICA2010-MediaRelease-20091214.pdf 116.01 KB 67 downloads


Actuaries to qualify locally as from next year

November 2009


FASSA-MediaRelease-20091124.pdf 65.98 KB 64 downloads



CERA-MediaRelease-20091117.pdf 114.27 KB 96 downloads


Actuarial profession is set for transformation

21 April 2006

Pension funds adjudicator determination

07 February 2006
The Pension Funds Adjudicator made a determination that was referred to in media reports as a landmark ruling for disabled persons. The determination dealt with, inter alia, the calculation of the actuarial reserve value and the disability benefits of the complainant.

Honorary membership of Actuarial Society awarded for first time

Honorary Membership of the Actuarial Society of South Africa (“ASSA”) was awarded to Mr Peter Clark, Prof Tamsanqa Kambule and Ms Gloria Serobe at the ASSA Annual General Meeting, which was held at the Sandton Convention Centre on 18 November this year. It is the first time since its establishment in 1948 that ASSA has awarded honorary membership to anybody.

Comment by Actuarial Socity: Taxation on retirement funds

Release of ASSA 2003 Aids and demographic model

28 November 2005
The ASSA 2003 AIDS and Demographic Model was released on 28 November 2005. ASSA2003 is the first AIDS and Demographic model to take the government’s Comprehensive Plan for HIV and AIDS into account at a provincial level. The model has been designed by South African demographers and actuaries based on detailed South African data. Using these data, the model projects the numbers of South Africans living with HIV, new infections, AIDS deaths, AIDS sickness and many more statistics into the future.

Release of ASSA 2002 Aids model

The name ASSA2002 refers to the most recent antenatal data used to calibrate the model. The most recently released antenatal data are those from the 2002 survey. The report on this survey was released in August last year, but the ASSA AIDS Committee have to wait a further six months after the release of the report before they can request the detailed data from the Department of Health. This delay has, however, allowed the Committee to include calibration to the mortality data from the population register up to the 2002/3 year.


ASSA2002-MediaRelease (pdf) 51.57 KB 72 downloads


Are living annuities really so great?

ASSA2000 model


ASSA2000-MediaRelease (pdf) 40.24 KB 70 downloads


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