F203 Content Practice Exams (CPE) (prev. mock) Semester 1
StartApril 29, 2022

The mock exam has been replaced by the Content Practice Exam (CPE). These Content Practice Exams have been set specifically for you to test your content knowledge of the subject under a timed restriction set according to the actual exam.

  • It is no longer a simulation of the actual exam, it is a content practice exam.
  • It is not invigilated.
  • The exam may only be taken virtually via the ASSA Learning Platform.
  • The period in which you may take the exam will extend from Thursday 12pm to Saturday 12pm.  You may therefore attempt the CPE once, at any time suitable to you during this period.

Virtual only

If you plan on attempting the exam from your workplace, please check if you can access the ASSA Learning Platform and ensure that firewalls etc. have been dealt with before you start the CPE.

Technical requirements:


Access to the internet

MS Office: MS Word

+/- 3 to 5G of data for a 3 hour exam

For a list of approved calculators refer to the following: Calculator information