A201 Exam Session 1 - AM
StartApril 17, 2018

Please read below for detail on Venues and Exam Times

When registering for an exam, please note the available exam centres:

Cape Town




Should you wish to attempt the exam at a venue not listed above please contact the ASSA admin office to register at an alternative venue, this must be done on the first day of registration.  Please refer to the UK IFoA website for the address details of ALL available exam centres: UK IFoA EXAM CENTRES

Please note that exam centre details are subject to change and the UK IFoA will only publish these changes to their website, it is therefore imperative that you check the venue details regularly before your exam date.

Please note that exam start times at certain centres may vary and are subject to change. All candidates must ensure that they check the starting time of the exam on the UK IFoA website before the exam date.

These exams are co-ordinated by the UK IFoA and it is important to note the following:

  • – No late registrations or de-registrations are allowed after the close of registration.
  • – No venue changes or requests for extra time are allowed after the close of registration.
  • – Extra time and special requirements applications can be made via the Student Zone page and will be confirmed directly by the UK IFoA shortly before the exam.
  • – Please refer to the UK IFoA website for  exam rules and policies for candidates.
  • – Exam permits will be released 2 weeks before the exam.
  • – Venue and start time details can change without notification (i.e. may differ to the permit details) and the UK IFoA website is the only place where changes are published.