The Student Liaison Committee welcomes you to our webpage – one dedicated to providing all the information that you, the Society’s valued student members, need to know!

The SLC, as the primary link between the Actuarial Society and its student membership, aims to keep this information as relevant, current and accurate as possible. Whether it is via our student newsletters, updates on broader Society-wide issues, or simply being a channel of much-needed actuarial support, the SLC promises to assist as best we can and keep you well informed.

The representation on council are:

Name:                                     Position:

Stephanie da Silva Newly Qualified Council Representative
Kwanda Ngwenduna Student Council Representative
  • Complete the SLC survey to give your feedback (roughly 5min) : Survey
  • Please find SLC handbook here: SLC Handbook
  • FASSA Normative Skills Pathway: NS Pathway

Normative Skills: Got questions concerning the Normative Skills requirements? You are not alone!

The SLC, with ASSA, have put together a pathway to help explain the process to completing the Normative Skills program.

 The Pathway has been created for each student and mentor to understand the requirements of the Normative Skills program for each student.

The Pathway accounts for students on the old system, new system and transitional students.

Please note that this Pathway is only for FASSA qualification. (AMASSA pathway to come).


For any further questions, please contact the SLC”