The Short-term Insurance Committee is responsible for developing the interest of the profession in the Short-term Insurance industry.

The committee’s scope is Short-term Insurance actuarial work performed by actuaries in general, and by statutory actuaries in particular in terms of the Short-term Insurance Act.

The objective of the committee is to develop the interests of the profession with regard to Short-term Insurance, as follows:

  • To actively support the development and thought leadership of actuarial practice in the areas where actuaries apply actuarial techniques and theory in the Short-term Insurance industry through the development of Actuarial Practice Notes, the provision of CPD events, and the facilitation of research activities.
  • To contribute to the strategic direction of the Actuarial Society from the perspective of Short-term Insurance and, in so doing, to support the Actuarial Society brand promise of “thought leadership”.
  • To provide input to the Financial Services Board in order to influence legislation affecting Short-term Insurers.
  • To provide support for the Actuarial Society’s education initiatives in relation to Short-term Insurance.

The committee includes:

  • The STIC Chair and secretary as well as the Chairs of the various subcommittees, an actuary from the FSB and a representative from the Actuarial Society Executive Committee.
  • Representatives from ASABA, SAICA, SAIA.
  • Industry representatives for both insurers and reinsurers.


The committee members are as follows:

 Committee member  Position             
 Jaco van der Merwe  Chairman
 Deshni Subbiah  Chair- Elect
 Karl Meissner-Roloff  Education
 Lisa Pines  Professional Guidance
 Lynette Calitz  Legislation
 Ricardo Govender  Emerging Matters
 Sajiv Issuree  Research
 Sias Esterhuizen  CPD
 Yashoda Ram  Communication
 André Janse Van Vuuren   Industry representative
 Annemarie Sinclair  Industry representative
 Beverly Dias  Industry representative
 Ryk Coetzee  Industry representative
 Christiaan Ahlers  Prudential Authority
 Andrew Taylor  SAICA
 Nico Esterhuizen  SAIA
 Niel Fourie  Actuarial Society of South Africa Office
 Amogelang Kgaladi  Transformation Chair
Nikita Daya  Secretary
 Lance Moroney  IFRS17 (ad hoc committee)

Visit the past presentations webpage for Short-term Insurance papers and presentations from past professional events of the Actuarial Society.

Refer to Standards of Practice and Guidance Notes HERE

Please refer to the Practice Area Activities for details on committee activities and events.

Information on practicing certificates is available under Professional matters.

Professional guidance:
Series 400 – General Insurance Advisory Practice Note

Please refer to the document archive for relevant documents.

You can contact the STIC committee through Yashoda Ram at or Jaco van der Merwe at