The Microinsurance Committee is responsible for developing the interest of the profession in all areas related to Microinsurance.

The committee sets out to identify issues relating to Microinsurance that are relevant to the South African actuarial profession.

The committee has set the following objectives:

  • Identify and contribute to the emerging technical and practice needs of members relating to the growing area of Microinsurance.
  • Maintain links with other Practice Area Committees and with other overseas actuarial bodies, including the IAA, and other relevant organisations and professional and industry bodies, both in South Africa and internationally.

The committee members are as follows:


Committee member Position
David Kirk Chairperson
Janice Angove Deputy Chairperson

Research Chairperson

Alex Kühnast
Giulia Tognon FSCA rep
Iwona Smit PA rep
Marcus Pillay
Nabeelah Kolia Events / CPD Chairperson
Niel Fourie Council rep
Nigel Bowman
Nokuthula Moyo
Peru Govindasamy PAC secretary
Richard Montgomery
Shingirai Muchenje
Stephen Burgess Professional Matters Chairperson
Thandi Mcizana
Theo Mokgatlhe
Tian Zhang


  • Learning Sessions: Inclusive insurance business models for Africa – 14-15 August, Zanzibar
  • Microinsurance Conference – #15thIMC – Inclusive Insurance for Emerging Markets: Coping with Climate Risk
    5 – 7 November 2019, Dhaka, Bangladesh: Microinsurance Conference
  • Consultative Forum on Climate and Disaster Risk: building resilience, bridging the protection gap : Live Forum




Microinsurance PAC sessionals:


Microinsurance PAC presentations:



Microinsurance HAFs are required to adhere to APN106/403 in their roles.

Refer to Standards of Practice and Guidance Notes: HERE