The Investments Committee advises Council and informs the Society’s membership on matters relevant to investment actuaries in South Africa.

The committee’s objectives are to:

  • Keep members informed about the main issues being discussed and developments of the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA), the CFA Society South Africa and the JSE.
  • Present the committee’s views to the South African policymaker and regulators.
  • Serve members by hosting CPD events, supporting the Society’s education efforts, and promoting
    investment-related research.
Committee Member Role
Andrew Davison Chairman
Amir Fialkov Convenor: Markets sub-committee
Christo Geyer
Darius van der Walt Convenor: Thought leadership sub-committee
Darren Jocum
Darryl Moodley Convenor: Asisa sub-committee
Davy Corubolo Convenor: Education sub-committee
Donovan Mckay
Edru Ochse
Felix Ubogu
Hildegard Wilson Chair-elect & Convenor: CPD events sub-committee
Jainudin Cariem
James Price Convenor: CFA Institute sub-committee
Jesse Armstrong
Jihad Jhaveri
Johan Schreuder
Krishna Kanjee Secretary
Kyle Hulett
Malizole Mdlekeza
Mark Fairbrother
Mark Randall Convenor: Benchmarks sub-committee
Ricardo Smith
Shainal Sukha
Shaun Levitan
Warren Matthysen Convenor: Regulations sub-committee

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