The Investments Committee advises Council and informs the Society’s membership on matters relevant to investment actuaries in South Africa.

The committee’s objectives are to:

  • Keep members informed about the main issues being discussed and developments of the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA), the CFA Society South Africa and the JSE.
  • Present the committee’s views to the South African policymaker and regulators.
  • Serve members by hosting CPD events, supporting the Society’s education efforts, and promoting
    investment-related research.
Committee Member Role
Amir Fialkov Convenor: markets sub-committee
Andrew Davison Deputy chairperson, convenor: though leadership sub-committee
Christo Geyer
Darren Jocum
Darryl Moodley
Davy Corubolo Convenor: education sub-committee
Edru Ochse Chairperson
Felix Ubogu
Gavin Finch
Hildegard Wilson Convenor: CPD events sub-committee
Jainudin Cariem
James Price Convenor: CFA sub-committee
Jihad Jhaveri
Johan Schreuder
Kyle Hulett
Malizole Mdlekeza
Mark Fairbrother
Mark Randall Convenor: benchmarks sub-committee
Monica Matthews Convenor: regulations sub-committee
Niel Fourie
Ronald Bartie
Shainal Sukha
Shaun Levitan
Twane Wessels
Warren Matthysen Convenor: ASISA sub-committee

Visit the past presentations page for  papers and presentations from past professional events of the Actuarial Society.


Call for research support

The Investment Committee is looking to support and develop research in the broader investments practice area and will play a role in connecting market practitioners and students.  Please contact the Committee if you are prepared to support a Masters or Honours student in a topic of practical relevance to your firm.  The supporting role is not that of a formal research supervisor but includes the identification and refinement of a relevant topic, industry and practitioner perspective, and potentially assistance with data or other practical challenges.  Similarly, any student members, learners, or other potential students, are encouraged to contact the Committee should they wish to connect with a market practitioner to support their research efforts.  We are therefore proposing an invitation to all members to get involved in a supporting role.  Please email

Visit the Practice Area Activities for information on the committee’s activities and how it keeps members informed.

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You can contact Edru