The Healthcare Committee supports actuaries and actuarial students practising in healthcare and improves the contribution of actuaries to the field in order to enhance the understanding of healthcare issues.

The committee’s purpose is to support actuaries and actuarial students practising in healthcare and improve the contribution of actuaries to the field.

The committee maintains a research watch of relevant topics and communicates regularly with its members regarding issues in the healthcare field.

Strong links are maintained with overseas actuarial bodies and health subcommittees. The committee also ensures that the broader profession is kept abreast of healthcare and healthcare policy related issues.

The committee has set the following objectives:

  • Actively support the development of actuarial practice in the area of Healthcare through the Actuarial Society’s education, CPD, standard setting, public policy and research activities.
  • Actively identify and promote opportunities for members working in the practice area and facilitate communication, discussion and liaison within the profession on relevant topics.
  • Contribute to the strategic direction of the Actuarial Society from the perspective of the practice area and, in so doing, to support the Actuarial Society brand promise of “thought leadership”.

The committee members are as follows:

Committee Members Position
Alex Brownlee Chair
Farai Mbumbwa Secretary
Adam Lowe
Barry Childs
Boldwin Moyo
Carolyn Clark
Chantel Siriram
Charlton Murove
Christo Vermeulen
Christoff Raath
Claiton Manikai
Evan Bradley
Jeanine Astrup
Jo-Anne Oliver
Kelly Chennels
Linda Pieterse
Margaret Hulme
Masimba Mareverwa
Niel Fourie
Paresh Prema
Roseanne Harris
Shaun Osner
Simon Henderson

Professional guidance:

Series 300 – Healthcare Standards of Actuarial Practice and Advisory Practice Notes

Visit the past presentations webpage for Healthcare papers and presentations from past professional events of the Actuarial Society.

Please refer to the document archive for relevant documents.

Refer to Standards of Practice and Guidance Notes HERE

The NHI task team was set up to develop a costing model to explore various scenarios related to the implementation of a National Health Insurance (NHI) system for South Africa.

Information on practicing certificates.

You can contact the Healthcare committee: