The ERM Committee is responsible for growing and supporting the role of actuaries in the field of ERM.

The committee identifies and manages areas of research to support the establishment of an actuarial framework for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and to develop actuarial methodologies for measuring and managing Financial Risks.

The objectives include:

  • Formulate views of the South African actuarial profession on matters of concern to the profession in this field to South African institutions.
  • Co-operate with other Actuarial Society Committees, particularly the Health, Pensions, Short Term Insurance, Long-Term Insurance and Investment Committees to:
    • consider issues of joint concern
    • ensure a co-ordinated approach in providing guidance to actuaries: and
    • formulate an actuarial process to risk assessment
  • Promote and encourage the development of actuarial skills in financial risk within the actuarial profession in South Africa, including recommendations to the ASSA Education Committee.
  • Maintain contact with the appropriate Committee(s) of the International Actuarial Association and develop and maintain contact with AFIR (the Financial Risk Section of the International Actuarial Association);
  • Liaises with other professional bodies on enterprise and financial risk related issues. e.g. IRMSA, PRMIA and GARP; and
  • Provides input to regulators on enterprise and financial risk management issues. This includes the implementation and management of the Basel 2 Accord for banks and Solvency Assessment and Management (SAM) for insurers.

Who are the committee

The committee members are as follows:

Committee Members Position
Idelia Hoberg Chair
Juvaine Rajamany Secretary
Adele Goosen
Christopher Palm
David Kirk
Jan Lubbe
Janette Larney
Judy Faure
Kerwin Martin
Kivaan Naidu
Lotz Mahlangeni
Lovashnee Forte
Machsie Boshoff
Niel Fourie
Philip Harrison
Richard Treagus
Ronald Richman
Senele Mbatha
Simba Takawira
Wade Butlion

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Insurance Survey Results

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Contact information

Idelia Hoberg
Juvaine Rajamany