The Demography & Epidemiology committee aims to assist the profession and Society in assessing and addressing the impact of HIV and AIDS in South Africa.

The most recent ASSA AIDS model was released in 2023. (To obtain the password to download the models please send an email to ASSA: ASSA released its 2023 HIV sub-population model (SPM), hereafter “ASSA SPM2023”, to address limitations of previous ASSA SPMs such as ASSASelect or PGN105 models (released in the early 2000s).

The committee also provides advice on the application of AIDS and demographic models.


The committee’s objectives are as follows:

  • Conduct HIV and AIDS related demographic research and modelling.
  • Educate members of the Actuarial Society on HIV related issues through the Actuarial Society’s education, CPD, standard setting, public policy and research activities.
  • Provide HIV related tools and guidance to assist in the main Actuarial Practice areas.
  • Inform the debate around HIV and AIDS through appropriate communication.

Ensure that implications for policymakers can be derived from the work done by the AIDS committee to support the Actuarial Society brand promise of “thought leadership”.

The committee members are as follows:

Committee member   Position            
 Lee Sarkin  Chair
 Marc Burgess
 Jaco Cilliers
 Lize-Mari Albertyn
 Elbert de Kock
 Niel Fourie
 Wouter Immelman
 Clifton Janse van Rensburg
 Leigh Johnson
 Nathea Nicolay
 Svenja Poriazis
 Ashleigh Theophanides
 Marnus Theron
 Lara Wayburne
 Ray Welham
 Nick Wells

Visit the past presentations webpage for AIDS papers and presentations from past professional events of the Actuarial Society.

Please visit the Aids committee website for further information and AIDS models.

Professional guidance:

Please visit the Demography & Epidemiology committee website for relevant documents.