The objective of the CSI committee is to gather, process and interpret information impacting on the actuarial profession in South Africa in order to improve the factual basis on which actuarial decisions, particularly those relating to contingencies of life or health, are based.

The majority of committee members are required to be currently active in the relevant practice area. The committee aims to have representation from each of the large life insurers to facilitate data collection and communication.

The committee members are as follows:

Committee member   Position
 Anja Kuys  Chairperson and Chair: Annuitants Sub-committee
 Etienne Rossouw  Deputy Chairperson & Chair: Mortality Sub-committee
 Brice Salence  DLS & CI Sub-committee
 Nathan Chisulo
 Etienne Le Roux  Mortality Sub-committee
 Rob Dorrington  Mortality Sub-committee
 Stephen Burgess
 Leza Wells
 John Craig
 Tinashe Chatora
 Lindsey Mansfield
 Lize-Mari Wiggill
 Louis Rossouw
 Kobus Bekker
 Karsten Roux
 Richard Montgomery
 Paul Turner
 Brendon Lapham
 Ben Monyai
 Niel Fourie  Observer

isit the past presentations webpage for CSI papers and presentations from past professional events of the Actuarial Society.

CSI Data requests / Mortality tables / Investigations



Please contact Marc Burgess on to request information relating to:

  • Mortality tables
  • Investigations and reports
  • Data requests

You can contact Anja Kuys: