ASSA Brand 

Brand Colour Palette

The new logo is Red and Blue. It is aesthetically inclusive so that it evokes energy and feelings of relatability to unity, intelligence and an authority in the financial sector. We want members to feel connected with the new brand identity as proud brand ambassadors for ASSA and the actuarial profession.

We have introduced bright colors to the brand identity for the Student Sector which aligns with the energy of the sun and the earth. Teal symbolises clarity, creativity and compassion. Yellow and orange symbolise courage, fun, quality and trust. In this context, the bright colours celebrate the beginning of a new era for ASSA whereby we are more interactive, engaged and present to our members and the broader actuarial community.

The ASSA brand colour palette is
divided into professional, student
and contrast colours. The
extended variety of colours is
intended for design diversity, yet
consistency – across the various
deliverables, for example:

Professional Colours: Only use
these colours when marketing
the ASSA Brand, Professional
& Student Sectors eg. business

Student Colours: Used for
Student Sector: Event print and
digital media and diagrams
where brighter colours are

Contrast Colours: Use these
colours to compliment/enhance
the Primary Colour palette,
when additional colours are
required for advertising/design

Brand Images

The ASSA brand depicts a professional brand and all images used with the brand should reflect that.

Brand Presentation

For course leaders, presenters, and committee members that need to create an ASSA Presentation. Please download the template file below that already contains the ASSA Branding.

ASSA Brand Presentation Template .ppt

Screenshot 2022-10-24 160207

We are Moving Together Towards the Future