Publications and Presentations

Primary Healthcare Insurance - Vernon Chorn
Insurance Group Supervision - Suzette Vogelsang
2013 LACSessionalMeetingIFRS4ExposureDraft 201308
2013 Supporting Excel Workbook 2012
2013 AverageValuationBases2012
2013 CapitalRegulatoryRequirementsforCaptive Nsurers
2013 FSBFeedbackSessionalMeeting 20130900
2013 EFRMCSessionalMeetingModel Validation 20130820
2013 EFRMCSessionalMeetingRisk Appetite 20130820
Micro InsuranceSessionalMeeting 20140624 FuneralInsuranceExperience
SessionalMeeting 20141015 Normative Skills
InvestmentsSessionalMeeting 201409FundPerformancetoManagerSkill
SessionalMeeting BankingandFinance 2014June12
InvestmentsSessionalMeeting 201409CannonAssetManagers SizeandStylePresentation
Micro Insurance Sessional 20140624 Africa
IFRS 9 Financial Instruments
AVB 2015 Presentation
From The Outside Looking In An Economic Update
Utility Functions For Financial Calculators
Evolution Of Asset Management In South Africa Muitheri Wahome
Dynamic Affordability Assessment
2016 Risk Of Ratings Downgrades And The Investment Implications David Knee Pdf
The Incongruence Amongst The Exercises Of Consumer Credit Risk Management
Valuation Bases Used By Short Term Insurers For 2015 Year End Reporting
Systemic Risk Banking Networks And Shock Propagation
Converting A DC Pension Pot Into A Retirement Income Stream
Rise Of The Machines The Impact On Human Employment
RMC Presentation Taxation Laws Amendment Act 2015 And Regulations Issued Pursuant To The Act
LAC Sessional IFRS4 Phase 2 Update
Credit Rating Prospects Fo SA Lesiba Mothata
FSB Short Term Insurance Feedback
Dive Deep Into Machine Learning Matthew Smith
An Overview Of The Experience Of Long Term Insurers In South Africa For 2014
Emerging Themes In Model Risk Management
ASSA NSSF Scenarios
Pensioner Mortality Presentation
Umbrella Fund Investments
ASSA July 2017 Annuities
RetirementMattersSeminar 20140804 TaxAmendmentsandImplicationson DBSchemes
LAC2014 RetailDistributionReview LessonstobeLearntFromUK 20140505
LAC2014 PracticalImplicationsof IFRS4Phase2 20140505
Sessional ORSAPresentation 20140122
RetirementMattersSeminar 20140804 RolesPlayedbyActuariesinSupervisionofRetirementFunds
RetirementMatterSeminar 20140804 RulesofDCFundsandResponsibilityofActuaryinApprovingFinancialSoundness
RetirementMattersSeminar 20140804 TrendsinDCandRethinkingofBenefitDesign
RetirementMattersSeminar 20140804 ChallengestheActuarialProfessionPoses
LAC2014 TheProfessionalMatterBoardCurrentProfessionalismIssues 20140505
InvestmentSeminar 20140523 AMuchNeededWakeupCallforPensionFundProfessionals
LAC2014 RiskAppetite 20140505
LAC2014 RetailDistributionReview LessonsToBeLearntFromUK2
LAC2014 TaxUpdate 20140505
LAC2014 FeedbackOnSAMEconomicImpactSurvey 20140505
LAC2014 FraudinMicro Insurance 20140505
LAC2014 CSIUpdate 20140505
LAC2014 InsurabilityandSurvivalofLivesLivingWithHIV 20140505
InvestmentSeminar 20140523 TheRolsofanActuaryasCFOorCRO
InvestmentSeminar 20140523 HowActiveisyourFundManager
InvestmentSeminar 20140523 NewBondIndicesotherJSEIndexDevelopments
InvestmentSeminar 20140523 SAandFinancialSector TheWayForward
HealthcareCPDSeminar 20140529 WellnessBehaviourandMedicalInflation
HealthcareCPDSeminar 20140529 ICAFeedback
HealthcareCPDSeminar 20140529 ValueofMHC
HealthcareCPDSeminar 20140529 NHIUpdateAndDebate
2014 HealthcareCPDSeminar 20140529 CompetitioninSAEconomy Pdf
HealthcareCPDSeminar 20140529 SchemeConsolidationTrends
HealthcareCPDSeminar 20140529 2NHIUpdateAndDebate
ERMSeminar 201408 QuantifyingOperationalRisk
ERMSeminar 201408 ModelRiskValidation
ERMSeminar 201408 OperationalRiskBankingVsInsurance
ERMSeminar 201408 RiskManagementintheInsuranceSector
ERMSeminar 201408 TheCountercyclicalCapitalBuffer
ERMSeminar 201408 UsingComplexityScienceToMeasureRisk
ERMSeminar 201408 ProfessionalismandERM
ERMSeminar 201408 FinancialStabilityinSA
ERMSeminar 201408 ConsumerVulnerabilityandRiskstoEconomy
ERMSeminar 201408 KeyDevelopmentsinBankingSector
Update On Competition Commission Submissions Pdf
Utility Functions For Financial Calculators PDF
The Evolution Of DC Investment Strategies Moving Towards A Goals Based Approach Pdf
Predictive Modelling Of Future Healthcare Outcomes Pdf
The New IFRS Insurance Contracts Standard Pdf
Some Thoughts On The Future Of Embedded Value Reporting Pdf
High Level Synopsis Of Key Issues Confronting Banks Pdf
Low Cost Benefit Option Framework Pdf
Price Optimisation And TCF Pdf
Regulatory Update Pdf
STIC Reserving Survey Results Pdf
Regulatory Reporting The Data Imperative Pdf
ORSA Now Pdf
Operational Risk Top Of Mind Pdf
Medical Insurance Pdf
Model Risk In 2015 Pdf
Measuring In Hospital Claims Volatility Pdf
Managing The Risks Of Legacy Business Pdf
Medical Scheme Investments Pdf
Low Income Health Insurance Models In Africa And Elsewhere Pdf
LIMS Revisited Pdf
Exposure Management Working Party Pdf
Liquidity Risk Management For Banks Pdf
LAC Smooth Bonus Debate Pdf
How Low Can We Go Pdf
Initial Study Into The Lapse Rates Of New Generation Risk Products 2004 2010 Pdf
An Introduction To Smart Beta
Fund Types Does It Really Matter Pdf
IFRS 9 Financial Instruments PDF
Dealing With The Dilemma Of Emerging Risk
Fairness Of Intergenerational Smoothing Pdf
Disciplinary Framework
DB Plans IAS 19 Accounting Issues
Cyber The Future Of Risk
Discussion By Tom Winterboer Pdf
Case Law Update
Developmental Credit
Cost Drivers And Low Cost Benefit Options
Banking Capital Management Framework
Alternative Investments In DC Funds
Continuous Professional Development
Should It Only Be About Retirement
Utilisation And Inflation In Medical Schemes 2013 - Charlton Murove
The Business Of Analytics - Pravin Burra
Role Of The Head Of Actuarial Control
The Evolving Role For Actuaries In Banking - Grant Kelly
Uber Life - Louis Rossouw
The Actuary ERM Integrating Reserve Variabilty
The SA Economy - Brian Kantor
Risk And Capital Management Survey Results
Solvency Framework - Paresh Prema
Life Under Twin Peaks Changing Supervisory Landscape - Wayne Savage
Primary Care Insurance Vernon Chorn
Option Selection Dynamics - Christoff Raath
SA Macro Outlook
One Year Reserve Risk
Professionalism Case Studies - STIC Seminar
Public Interest - Lusani Muluadzi
Life Insurance From An Analysts Perspective - Risto Ketola
NHI Subcommittee Feedback - Ashleigh Theophanides
Modelling Low Default Portfolios - Mamari Keita
OECD Hospital Price Paper Review - Sarika Besesar
From Solvency II With Love: A Cost Of Capital Approach To Determine An Appropriate LGD Discount Rate - Janette Larney
Down The Rabbit Hole: Actuarial Practice in the Public Sector - Shivani Ranchod
Health Market Inquiry Feedback - Barry Childs
Measuring Customer Value And Viewing Customers In A Holistic Manner - Pravin Burra
International Evidence On The Determinants Of Savings
IFRS 4 Phase II Update Discussion
Funding For Life Of Death
Economic Review And Outlook - Annabel Bishop
Exploring The Concept Of Risk In Index Tracking Investments - Nerina Visser
Correlation Assumptions Underlying SAM
Casual Event Charges
Competing to win in a digital and data driven world - PETER SCHLEBUSCH
CFA Institute Practical Ethics - DANA DAY
LAC Rethinking Product Design - Nigel Bowman
Value Of Influencing Member Behaviour In Medical Schemes
Life: Professionalism Case Studies
LAC Exploring Blockchain Tech - Louis Rossouw
Financial Impact of New Hospitals on Medical Schemes
SA Struggling Inthe Face Of A Binary Future
CMS Regulatory Landscape Update
Market Conduct Risk (LAC)
Market Conduct Regulation Leanne Jackson
LAC Rethinking Product Design - Thuso Segopolo
Health Information Exchanges - Lourens Walters
ITAP Inflation measurement
Digital Disruption - Michael Jordaan
LAC Rethinking Product Design - Ola Oyekan VF
An Improved Arthroplasty Care Pathway
ASSA Life Assurance Seminar Johannesburg IFRS
Impact On Investment Downgrades On Retirement Funds
Supply Induced Demand - Erasmus
FSB Presentation (insurance Groups)
ASSA Life Assurance Seminar Cape Town IFRS
Challenges For DC Schemes Today -Anne Cabot Alletzhauzer
AVB Presentation
Brief Survey Of Social Security - Stephen Walker
Health Market Inquiry - Adam Lowe
Critical Illness Trends In Asia And Australia Fi
2013 STICSeminar - Professionalism Pdf
2013 STICSeminar - SAMRegulatoryDevelopmentsinShort TermInsurance Pdf
2013 STICSeminar - DemandModellingandOptimisation Pdf
2013 STICSeminar - LatestDevelopmentsRoleofAppointedActuary Pdf
2013 STICSeminar - IFRS4PhaseIIRe ExposureDraft Pdf
2013 STICSeminar - PanelDiscussionWiderFieldsWithinGISpace Pdf
2013 STIC Seminar - CatastropheRiskinAgeofUncertainty Pdf
Supply Induced Demand - Pannel Discussion - Sarika Besesar
"Realising the Promise of Health Information Technology "
Professionalism case studies Life Seminar 2017
CPD for Statutory Actuaries
LAC Seminar - Louis Rossouw
Digital Disruption - Michael Jordaan
FSB presentation (insurance groups)
AVB 2015 Presentation Pdf
HMI: Case mix adjustment methodology
IFRS 17 Lessons Learnt_Jhb
Health Seminar 2017 Agenda
IFRS 17 Lessons Learnt_Cpt