Sessional Meetings Presentations


Umbrella Fund Investments
Pensioner Mortality Presentation
ASSA NSSF Scenarios
ASSA July 2017 Annuities


    Valuation Bases Used By Short Term Insurers For 2015 Year End Reporting
    The Incongruence Amongst The Exercises Of Consumer Credit Risk Management
    Systemic Risk Banking Networks And Shock Propagation
    RMC Presentation Taxation Laws Amendment Act 2015 And Regulations Issued Pursuant To The Act
    Rise Of The Machines The Impact On Human Employment
    LAC Sessional IFRS4 Phase 2 Update
    FSB Short Term Insurance Feedback
    Emerging Themes In Model Risk Management
    Dynamic Affordability Assessment
    Dive Deep Into Machine Learning Matthew Smith
    Credit Rating Prospects Fo SA Lesiba Mothata
    Converting A DC Pension Pot Into A Retirement Income Stream
    An Overview Of The Experience Of Long Term Insurers In South Africa For 2014
    2016 Risk Of Ratings Downgrades And The Investment Implications David Knee Pdf


      Utility Functions For Financial Calculators
      IFRS 9 Financial Instruments
      From The Outside Looking In An Economic Update
      Evolution Of Asset Management In South Africa Muitheri Wahome
      AVB 2015 Presentation


        SessionalMeeting BankingandFinance 2014June12
        SessionalMeeting 20141015 Normative Skills
        Micro InsuranceSessionalMeeting 20140624 FuneralInsuranceExperience
        Micro Insurance Sessional 20140624 Africa
        InvestmentsSessionalMeeting 201409FundPerformancetoManagerSkill
        InvestmentsSessionalMeeting 201409CannonAssetManagers SizeandStylePresentation


          2013 Supporting Excel Workbook 2012
          2013 LACSessionalMeetingIFRS4ExposureDraft 201308
          2013 FSBFeedbackSessionalMeeting 20130900
          2013 EFRMCSessionalMeetingRisk Appetite 20130820
          2013 EFRMCSessionalMeetingModel Validation 20130820
          2013 CapitalRegulatoryRequirementsforCaptive Nsurers
          2013 AverageValuationBases2012

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