Academic Qualifiers

We are pleased to announce the names of the candidates who have completed all of Parts A1, A2, A3, F1 and F2, as well as the required professional subjects i.e. Normative Skills A400 Core App or A401 and A402 for Transitional candidates of the Actuarial Society of South Africa’s qualification.  The following members have therefore completed the required examinations for admission to the class of Fellow.

In addition to completion of these examinations, members are required to completed the following:

Transitional Candidates

Normative Skills Candidates

F303 - Fellowship WBS

F330 - Normative Skills WBL for Fellows

F304 – Fellowship Professionalism Course

F302 – Fellowship APP

 before being admitted as Fellows of the Actuarial Society of South Africa.


Kindly see list for the names of the academic qualifiers

Academic Qualifiers List 30 July 2015

Academic Qualifier List 3 August 2015

Academic Qualifiers List 21 December 2015

Academic Qualifiers List 2 August 2016

Academic Qualifiers List 3 February 2017

Please note that the identification of academic qualifiers depends on students having registered all credits achieved elsewhere, with the Society. An incomplete academic record will lead to qualifying students not being identified.

Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuaries (CERA) Qualifiers

We are pleased to announce the names of the candidates who have successfully completed all of the requirements towards the award of Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary (CERA).

Cera Qualifiers 6 August 2015

Cera Qualifier 23 November 2015

CERA Qualifiers 5 May 2016

CERA Qualifiers 17 August 2016

CERA Qualifiers 20 December 2016

CERA Qualifiers 16 May 2017

We wish all of these candidates our warmest congratulations!