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The following is a list of the most recent media statements by the Actuarial Society.  If you are looking for older articles, please check the press release archives. 


How that daily cappuccino is blocking your path to wealth

28 June 2017

English media release

Afrikaans media release


New legislation offers health insurance policyholders better protection

30 May 2017

English media release

Afrikaans media release

Investor roadmap for navigating post-downgrade market turmoil

20 April 2017

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Afrikaans media release


Number of qualified African actuaries expected to double over the next three years

29 March 2017

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Afrikaan media release

Valentine money tips for a happy and successful union

13 February 2017

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Your moneywise calendar for a savvy 2017

11 January 2017

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Financial stress linked to risk of chronic disease

7 December 2016

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Actuaries prioritise education initiatives to ensure economic upliftment

24 October 2016

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Afrikaans media release


SA leading the global drive to formalise the role of actuaries in banking

21 October 2016

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Actuaries caution that zero fees may not be feasible in SA context

13 October 2016

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Medical aid at risk of becoming unaffordable unless members help manage costs

28 September 2016

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"Four paychecks left to prepare for a carefree holiday" 

22 August 2016

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Numbers prove chasing market trends will break your investment

6 July 2016

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Youth Day financial survival guide for young adults

15 May 2016

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Why pyramid and Ponzi schemes are doomed to fail

30 May 2016

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"Seize control of your financial future this Mother's Day" 

4 May 2016

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Sensory technology to redefine vehicle insurance in South Africa

12 April 2016

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The impact of tax changes on your salary and retirement

15 March 2016

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Shock proof your finances against further interest rate hikes

23 February 2016

Shock proof your finances English media release

Pantser jou finansies - Afrikaans media release

Financial survival tips for a difficult year ahead

12 January 2016

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Afrikaans media release

No excuse not to have medical aid before the holidays

2 December 2015

No excuse not to have medical aid before the holidays

G'n verskoning om die vakansieseisoen in te gaan sonder mediese dekking


New ASSA Leadership announced 

18 November 2015

New ASSA Leadership announced 18 Nov 2015

Afrikaans New ASSA Leadership announced 18 Nov 2015


Call on actuaries to better understand the needs of consumers 

18 November 2015

Media Release- Roseanne da Silva

Afrikaans Media Release - Roseanne da Silva

Time to review your medical aid benefit option

28 October 2015

The time to review your medical aid benefit options is now

Afrikaans-The time to review your medical aid benefit options is now


Private sector funding of desperately needed learning resources 

30 September 2015
PaperVideoDonationToLeapSchoolEnglish-MediaRelease-20150930 (pdf)
PaperVideoDonationToLeapSchoolAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20150930 (pdf)

With university deadlines looming is Actuarial Science on your shortlist?
21 September 2015

Becoming an Actuary English MediaRelease

Becoming an Actuary Afrikaans Media

Why more women should consider Actuarial Science
26 August 2015
FemaleActuariesEnglish-MediaRelease-20150826 (pdf)
FemaleActuariesAfrikaans-MediaRelease-2015086 (pdf)

Global first as SA introduces actuarial qualification to manage banking risk
24 July 2015
LaunchofBankingFellowshipSubjectEnglish-MediaRelease-20150724 (pdf)
LaunchofBankingFellowshipSubjectAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20150724 (pdf)

Actuarial Society supports initiative to bring quality teachers into poor classrooms

23 June 2015
PaperVideoEnglish-MediaRelease-20150623 (pdf)
PaperVideoAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20150623 (pdf)

Actuarial profession rolls up sleeves to help with RDR
3 June 2015
RDRArticleEnglish-MediaRelease-20150603 (pdf)
RDRArticleAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20150603 (pdf)

How to extract maximum value from the new Tax Free Savings and Investment Accounts
6 May 2015
TaxFreeSavingsandInvestmentAccountEnglish-MediaRelease-20150506 (pdf)

How your choice of first car can make or break your retirement
3 March 2015
FancyCarVsComfortableRetirementEnglish-MediaRelease-20150303 (pdf)
FancyCarVsComfortableRetirementAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20150303 (pdf)

South Africa needs to invest more in growing its own quantitative skills 
28 January 2015
MathematicsUniversalKeyEnglish-MediaRelease-20150128 (pdf)
MathematicsUniversalKeyAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20150128 (pdf)

Should you pay school fees annually in advance
10 December 2014
SchoolFee|OptionsEnglish-MediaRelease-20141210 (pdf)
SchoolFee|OptionsAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20141210 (pdf)

Living annuity tips from an actuarial advice model 
19 November 2014
LivingAnnuityTipsEnglish-MediaRelease-20141119 (pdf)
LivingAnnuityTipsAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20141119 (pdf)

Transformation of the Actuarial Profession
23 October 2014
ASSAFastPacesTransformationEnglish-MediaRelease-20141023 (pdf)
ASSAFastPacesTransformationAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20141023 (pdf)

Prestigious award for Discovery’s Chief Health Actuary
22 October 2014
MurrayMedalEmileStippEnglish-MediaRelease-20141022 (pdf)
MurrayMedalEmileStippAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20141022 (pdf)

ASSA Investigates Unsecured Lending Practises
17 September 2014
ActuarialSocietyandBankingEnglish-MediaRelease-20140917 (pdf)
ActuarialSocietyandBankingAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20140917 (pdf)

Tips From Female Actuaries - How to Empower Yourself Financially
20 August 2014
WomanToWomanTipsFromLeadingFemaleActuariesEnglish-MediaRelease-20140820 (pdf)

Turning Savings into Investment
14 July 2014
CuttingCostsNotEnoughEnglish-MediaRelease-20140714 (pdf)
CuttingCostsNotEnoughAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20140714 (pdf)

Why Maths?
24 June 2014
Grade9sShouldThinkTwiceBeforeDroppingMathsEnglish-MediaRelease-20140624 (pdf)
Grade9sShouldThinkTwiceBeforeDroppingMathsAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20140624 (pdf)

Funding a Funeral
12 March 2014
FuneralCostsEnglish-MediaRelease-20140312 (pdf)
FuneralCostsAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20140312 (pdf)

South African Actuarial Qualifications acknowledged by Europe
11 March 2014
AAE-ASSA FrameworkAgreementEnglish-MediaRelease-20140311 (pdf)
AAE-ASSA FrameworkAgreementAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20140311 (pdf)

Fight rising costs with a household budget
14 February 2014
ImportanceofBudgetingEnglish-MediaRelease-20140213 (pdf)
ImportanceofBudgetingAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20140213 (pdf)

Actuarial Science degree of choice for top achievers
22 January 2014
WhyTopStudentsChooseActuarialScienceEnglish-MediaRelease-20140122 (pdf)
WhyTopStudentsChooseActuarialScienceAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20140127 (pdf)

Seven easy steps to financial peace of mind this holiday
10 December 2013
PeaceofMindHolidayEnglish-MediaRelease-20131210 (pdf)
PeaceofMindHolidayAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20131210 (pdf)

Global big data industry turns to actuaries to solve skills shortage
1 November 2013
ActuariesEmbracingChangeEnglish-MediaRelease-20131101 (pdf)
ActuariesEmbracingChangeAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20131101 (pdf)

Maths and Science Initiative
24 October 2013
MathsandScienceInitiativeEnglish-MediaRelease-20131024 (pdf)
MathsandScienceInitiativeAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20131024 (pdf)

Rugby Goal Kickers Scored
15 October 2013
ActuarialRatingofRugbyGoalKickersEnglish-MediaRelease-20131015 (pdf)

Actuarial Student number signalling shift in demographics
25 September 2013
DemograhicShiftEnglish-MediaRelease-20130925 (pdf)
DemograhicShiftAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20130925 (pdf)

Planning for Retirement as a couple
29 August 2013
RetirementPlanningEnglish-MediaRelease-20130829 (pdf)
RetirementPlanningAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20130829 (pdf)

True cost of buying on credit
24 July 2013
CostofDebtEnglish-MediaRelease-20130724 (pdf)
CostofDebtAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20130724 (pdf)

South African retirement reform process ahead of global agenda
20 June 2013
PensionFundReformEnglish-MediaRelease-20130620 (pdf)

Setting guideline tariffs for medical and dental practitioners
18 June 2013
SettingGuidelineTariffsEnglish-MediaRelease-20130618 (pdf)

How pension fund proposals will affect you
3 April 2013
PensionFundProposalEnglish-MediaRelease-20130403 (pdf)
PensionFundProposalAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20130403 (pdf)

Strong maths culture key to development
20 February 2013
WhyMathsEnglish-MediaRelease-20130220 (pdf)
WhyMathsAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20130220 (pdf)

Guide to taking charge of your financial destiny
28 January 2013
FinancialResolutions2013-MediaRelease-20130128 (pdf)

Actuaries caution against dismissing guaranteed annuities as the ugly duckling
10 October 2012
GuaranteedVsLivingAnnuities-MediaRelease-20121010 (pdf)

Why women need a bigger nest egg than men
21 August 2012
WomenRetirementProvisioningAfrikaans-MediaRelease-20120821 (pdf)
WomenRetirementProvisioningEnglish-MediaRelease-20120821 (pdf)

Invest in your debt for superior returns
30 July 2012
InvestInDebt-MediaRelease-20120730 (doc)

SA actuary achieves international milestone in risk management
08 March 2012
SAActuaryAchievesCERA-MediaRelease-20120308 (doc)
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